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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Host (2013) Movie Review

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Title: The Host
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy / Science Fiction / Thriller
Running Time:124 minutes

What is it about:-
Not to be confused with "The Host" from korea a while back. This story is the complete opposite as it tells the story of alien parasites invading earth and ultimately taking over everyone with  a handful of survivors left.When one parasite decides to follow the strong emotions of her host, a game of seekers ensues.

What do I think about it:-
Apart from the featured Chrome Lotus series and the theme song by Imagine Dragons - Radioactive, there wasn't many things memorable or engaging with the movie. Though the actress Saoirse Ronan does seem to get prettier as the film progresses so i guess that's a good thing.

Other than that, it is quite safe to say that the book would be much better than the movie. Painfully draggy scenes, absurd amount of kissing scenes (which thankfully was cut by our censorship board) if you are here for the "alien action" than you should be convincing your friends to watch something else. 

Plot holes filled the film, although the film does make a decent concept to a messy genre. The characters were not lovable or relatable at all besides the main girl. It will be a good watch for people who would find it to be more than happy to watch a movie.

Expect limited fan support for this film and a gurantee that it won't be as annoying as twilight, 

Rating: 1/5

Keywords: Draggy, Unrelatable, un-engaging. 

"Slow enough to make you lose interest every few minutes into the movie but yet appealing to a certain group of people. "- 

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