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Friday, April 19, 2013

Resort World Genting Says Ynot Spark Your Creativity With Gravity! 2013


Call it an overrated tourism sport, call it a waste of money, call it nothing special. No matter what you say about this amazing place it will still be an awesome place for a getaway over the weekend be it with friends or with family.

Despite my fear of height, I am a highlander at heart. Always yearning for trips up to Cameron, Frasers and of course the ever popular Genting Highland. So when there was an invite for 2 day 1 night trip up to Genting , I was immediately gamed for it!

I was suppose to have a look at the 2 day Ynot Spark your creativity with graffiti event, where many art students explore the unique graffiti art styles that represents boundless expressions.

I begun my journey at the meeting point at Wisma Genting at 7.45am on a Saturday, yes i was up THAT early. When I arrive at the was already packed people sitting on the steps. Many of whom the faces I have never met and of course there were a few familiar faces but 90% were people whom I have yet to met. Where did they appear from! XD Oh well... the more the merrier, so in total there were about 50+ of us who headed up Genting after some delay.

The bus was pretty speedy so it cut down the pain and suffering of the winding roads uphill. (Thank you! T.T)  After Checking in our luggage, we headed off to the stage for the event.

We were immediately treated to some BMX showcase where a few talented stunt cyclist performed quite impressive tricks but of course there more room for improvements. They did their best but I guess they need to me more creative in their presentation. 

The weather was just a little cool at that time as the sun was still up but it was bipolar. Sikit sikit shine bright bright, sikit sikit dark kao kao.  It was kinda annoying but we weren;t complaing because we were already making our way to lunch. XD

First lunch was at Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant, Theme Park Hotel. I think this restaurant has been there forever even since I was a baby. The food was alright, pretty edible but I am not going into detail about it! . 

After the lunch were given some time to check in and rest and change for Songkran Festival experience. ( yes, songkran festival up here in Genting, freaking awesome la I tell you.)

We sorta just ran into the already wet area and was probably doing some really sissy war cry, there was a foam making machine that was not foamy enough but we have enough water to get everyone wet and cold! It was a great time and there were some nice music being played untile they looped it. 

We didn't wanna leave as the real DJs were just getting themselves set up. The area was too big and it made everything slight empty and boring but WE HAVE LOADS OF FREEZING GOOD FUN.

There are more pictures but currently unavailable. After the whole Songkran festival we headed back to our room and relax till dinner time where we dine at the Coffee Terrace at Genting. A buffet dinner of everything they have to offer. GOT REALLY A LOT OF FOOD I TELL YOU!

Spoilt for choice, everyone gobbled down on their food while tasting almost everything at the serving tables. The Salmon was freaking amazing btw. There was some really spicy Tom Yum Gong, the chef makes no mistakes when it comes to this and so we ended up having burnt out tongue.

Finishing the dessert seemed to be a lvl 100 task so it took sometime for us to rush to the last performance of the night.

Elecoldxhot & FIX was ready to tear the stage!

After the shows it was all free and easy so we all sort of split up and enjoyed the rest of the chilly Genting air in our own cliques. So we decided to buy tickets to watch a 1.20am movie. After some loitering while waiting for the movie actually start, we went to try the legendary CCB burger by Marry Brown. It was unique in taste and pretty edible and here is what Darren has to say about it. 


We went to take a forceful nap before the show and had to drag ourselves to the cinema, halfheartedly wanting to ditch the tickets. There were 5 of us all together and 4 of us manage to keep knocking into each other in the cinema, dozing off every other moment, the only one who was awake the whole time was Sher Lynn but that was probably because the girls next to her can't shut up. 

It was still a really funny story of how people who don't usually hang out together ended being great company for a trip! XD 

Finally falling asleep at about 4am. We woke up for breakfast at 8.45am and the breakfast at First World Cafe was really a disappointment. LIKE REALLY, so sorry to say. :(

We scooted on to the outdoor themepark for the last performance that we will be able to watch by Elecoldxshot and they nailed it! Awesome stuff. 

Here are some of the graffiti arts that were done. Pretty cool stuff, would love to see an entire wall in Genting painted!

Of course let's not forget this interesting Raincoat Fashion Show stunned all of us. :) kudos! XD

It was a lightning fast 2 days 1 night. With plenty of food and cold ... I wanted to tie myself to one of the trees in Genting :(. 

Because what awaited me was the hot weather and the jams and the work back in KL T.T 

But it was inevitable BUT thanks Nuffnang and Genting for the nice getaway!

And here is the weekend wolfpack, braving pass the winding roads of Genting, the cold water wars and the mountains of food to have a great time. 

This picture was taken when we were loitering before our bus come to kidnap us back to reality, behind the smiling face were heavy hearts that did not want to leave because two really hot Thai Djs were spnning good music and they needed people like us to layan them. We were fist pumping for a while up here and they saw us and wave to us. T.T . So saaaaad la ! hor darren? hor? sigh.

There will be more Songkran Madness once I find the pictures! hahaha 


trixha said...

raincoat fashion show was probs the best!

Yuh Jiun said...

Woots! HAHAHA sorry lah didnt say hi to you :p

Anne Lee said...

playing water foam in genting not cold meh?.. I for once shivered like mad when I got down the pool in Bukit Tinggi Pahang (though it's slightly lower than Genting but it's already that cold!).

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