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Monday, April 22, 2013

Pickle and Fig @ TTDI, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

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When was the last time you grabbed a smootie from a heavily marketed joint?

When was the last time a perfectly toasted Panini satisfied your meal?

In the midst of our bustling city life, where booze and soul shattering parties tilt our eating habits, our time managements and our sleeping practices to a somewhat dis-orientated manner. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy every part of this life.

It's just that...One needs to understand that he/she needs to pick up a few proper habits to balance it all out. Maybe you could try to sleep longer hours, cut down on the happy hours perhaps? Or maybe avoid heavily smoked clubs and some late night deadlines as well. Curbing your diet to a healthy one helps too, but we are all too busy with work to actually bother hitting the local Jaya Grocer or Cold Storage for a stash of organic grown plants or making a salad after a heavy day at work.

The solution...As many have found, would be to find places that serve a variety of health conscious food preparations, O'Briens or maybe a Subway serves that purpose but let's look at the more health-centric outlets. Can you recommend any? (Do comment, I would like to give it a try too)

Pickle & Fig just like the name is one such outlet that takes blending the freshes smoothies for your on-the-go needs and offers a menu of delicious and heathy salads and sandwiches, they serve some good coffee for your afternoon chillout too.

Offering a variety of fresh non-sugar/syrup health smoothies some of these are really unique. Some of these are a great replacement for your other juices and can probably replace your afternoon tea cravings.

I would recommend the Bananaholic for energy to get you through the rest of the day. Many ta-pau this drink after lunch.

Be it Nachos or some Avocado Salad, these serves as a delicious appetizer or even a full meal if you are on a "Eat less for more" diet plan.

A homemade Raspberry Vinaigrette sauce for the salad gives it a unique flavor and there was probably vinegar in it as well. Something light for a happy heart.

The Nachos are a bit heavier with all the cheddar but it does not give you time for chatter. You will munching down this delicious munchies the whole time, complemented with sour jalapenos and olives. A good snack for catching up your favorite series too!

Pickle & Fig has yet to offer any pasta or burgers yet, probably soon! But the following sandwiches are a good choice of health and taste. I assure you.

Coronation chicken sandwich

Lot's alfafa and a piece of nicely flavored chicken breast that conquers your taste bud and satisfy your hunger. The meat was tender and juicy despite being a nicely sliced chicken breast. 

Smoked salmon & cream cheese sandwich

What more can you say about smoked salmon topped with cream cheese? I think the word was epic and as long as the chef prepares the salmon fresh every time, this is a sure seller. :) An extra slice of salmon with be freaking awesome too. 

Smoked Turkey roll & Cheddar hot pressed panini

Simple and Smart, chewy cheddar and turket slices will never go wrong! The Panini was nicely toasted giving you a really good bite out of this one. A crowd pleaser, I am sure!

Hoisin chicken & grilled zucchini

A probable favorite of those who prefer slightly stronger taste in their sandwiches, the sweet sauce complements well with the chicken and egg found inside. 

Rotkraut Pastrami

Melty goodness with this one, beef and cheese that sort of balances out each other, not too heavy and gives a massive satisfaction for a good hearty lunch.

Fish & Chip ( Not Available Yet)

This one was a new dish that I was lucky enough to try out, but the fish was kinda inconsistent and had a fishy smell to it. *gasp* but it does have a really good tartar sauce dip. :) We are sure the owner and chef will work together to get this one fixed so give it a try when it is officially on the menu. 

The owner also make a note saying that they will be bringing out some pastry choices along the next few months so you will treated to some possible great tasting pastry soon as well.

A great place for a cozy meeting or a afternoon catch-up with friends. They have a variety of tea and some freshly brewed coffee for your liking. 

Like I say, it's a cozy and spacious shop lot with that hint of urban city design that I personally find pretty nice. You could have settle for a game of chess or snap with your friends too! 

Would definitely drop by here from time to time for my sandwich fix ( I usually don't want to pay for sandwiches though cause it seems to be simple) just because it's an good place for it. (sandwiches) 

So if you are ever feeling it, do ring me up and maybe we can meet up over a cup of coffee :). 

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