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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Oblivion 2013: Movie Review

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Title: Oblivion
Language: English
Genre: Action / Adventure / Fantasy
Running Time: 2 Hours 4 Minute

What is it about:-

Jack and Vicka are both part of a team of repair personnel  assigned to do maintenance of Drones and Reactors on a now wasted Earth. Jack's everyday life is to wake up to a beautiful partner who he sleeps with and then goes of to work like any janitor or engineer would do. After a series of incidents that seemed unnatural, Jack's curiousity slowly unlocks him to a different past, a different life. 

What do I think about it:-

Despite it's few minor setbacks that made the movie slightly jumpy and unresolved, oblivion is probably one of the better action movies you can get this quarter of 2013 and probably the only Sci-Fi movie that is worth a mention for sometime now.  If you think Tom Cruise makes it all the better...

A brain squeezer for those who are unfamiliar with Sci-Fi thrillers and a downer to veterans. Oblivion possess a rather interesting story telling method revolving around memory lost and a certain distortion between time during the series of events, but falls short on really relating it through and through.

I welcome the good balance of action and suspense of the unknown but there were some parts that was just too long for my liking and not to mention the anti climatic ending. Which somehow just spoiled the movie in a very painful way. 

Oblivion deserves a lil bit more credit if they didn't put in Tom Cruise because he simply can't change the way he does things but to be fair, who would be watching this if it weren't for him right? 

Oblivion is almost watchable and has some impressive CGI graphic but falls short on the action pace and a rather unnecessary  ending. 

Rating: 2/5

Keywords: talk to much, unsatisfied ending, decent story flow

All talk: one an hour into the movie I find myself to be able to guess the outcome besides the forceful ending. 

Question to ponder:
Why did they need Jack if they had the heavily powered drone?

Jack must have been a failed soldier if each one of him seems defected. 

"One dimensional story that leads to a interesting flashback, basic action and minimal thrills thus relying mostly on the over use suspense of what actually happened, a film for the not so hard core film fans but yet wants to enjoy either Tom Cruise or heavy powered drones. "

1 comment :

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