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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KDU Power Chef Competition 2013

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It's actually good to see Colleges like KDU being so proactive in organizing competitions that leads to a prospect that might benefit high schoolers nowadays. Most high school students find themselves stranded on that weird void we all know as "after SPM study what" .

In a chance to dig out hidden potentials in high school students, KDU organized the Power Chef Challenge where students who have a heard for cooking could participate and show off their cooking skills. A chance that many would not be able to experience a cook-off competition.

The competition started off early at 7 am and lasted until late afternoon. There were approximately 80 participating schools around the Klang Valley area, consisting of hopeful secondary school students.

The event saw a stiff and competitive competition amongst the secondary school students, not forgetting to mention their enthusiastic and supportive teachers and school counsellors.

I arrived at about 11am which was after the others were removed from the list and only 12 pairs were left. Apparently they were tested in various culinary expertise to be qualified Top 12 schools were selected to head towards the final round of the competition and they were expected to produce a main dish, soup and dessert for 2 pax.

They were given about 2 hours to prepare the dishes needed so the rest of the attendees were shown around the other kitchens where various demonstrations were done to keep them pre-occupied. So myself and a few other bloggers were loitering around these kitchen catching a glimpse here and there. Sure feels old seeing high school kids in their track bottoms and sports team shirts gathering here and there.

Mighty proud to say that I actually know how to cook the dishes demonstrated. :) It's true! But then 99% of the people i know still find it hard to believe. I used to cook for my family during high school because I will the earliest to reach home after school. Cooking isn't hard, you just need heart.

After a little tour we were back at the Champions Kitchen where the 12 finalist will be preparing their entries.

The final round menu was Puree of Mixed Vegetable Soup, Pan-Roasted Stuffed Chicken Leg, accompanied with Potatoes and Vegetables, served with sauce and Apple Crumble with Vanilla Sauce.

Teamwork, experience and attitude plays a great part in these competition as time will be the main problem and you will need to work diligently to prepare the meal in time. The people in black are students of the KDU Culinary school and were being very helpful to the students in giving them advice and reminder so it must have been quite inspiring to have seniors looking after you. 

After the time is over, the dishes were brought to another room where the judges will be evaluating the meals one by one while everyone else waits at the auditorium along with lunch. 

After tasting the dishes one by one (god knows how they do it, so many same dishes) the results were later announce in the auditorium where everyone was having lunch. Cooked by the culinary department of course.

The happy champions.

From the 12 final teams, 5 teams were chosen as winners. Team Sugar and Spice from SMK Katholik walked home with the grand prize of RM 4,000 worth of travel voucher with a grand trophy, followed by Team Ruby from SMK USJ 4, walking away with RM 2,000 worth of travel voucher, and Team Le Merry Haijam Sri Aman from SMK (P) Sri Aman, walking away with RM 1,000 travel voucher. The 4th and 5th place went to Team Soft Paws of SMK Taman Sri Rampai and Team Stitch of SMK USJ 12, who both won RM 250 shopping vouchers.

Congratulatations to them and I am sure it was good experience for everyone else that participated. :)

Let's hope that KDU continues this tradition and perhaps bringing it to bigger scales and adding in more categories. Quite sure it will good publicity oso :P.

IF you want more info in their courses u can visit my previous post here

Ciao Ciao. 

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