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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Iron Man 3: My Way

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There comes a time when a boy must tell the whole world a secret.

A secret plan so great that even the greatest minds would never believe it.

A secret plan so mind blowing that even the smartest strategist would not have thought about it.

A secret plan so awesome that even the best comics would not come close.

For years mankind struggled to invent things that prevents apocalypse, defences to stop alien attacks, weapons to take down any zombie threats and ships that could escape Armageddon.

You see...Mankinds greatest weapon is not the toughest shield, not the sharpest blades or even the fastest vehicle.It is life itself, or rather... the ability to adapt and evolve.

So what if...what if we can insert life itself in the designs of Ironman? Would that make him the strongest warrior? The toughest defender and the fastest suit?

The way the Ironman suit will be designed by me will be made from a rather special material that I have personally kept a secret from everyone else, researched during the 25th hour of your human time and 10 years of development it will finally be given a purpose.

That material is name "Loop" - which oso brings on the meaning of eternally evolving and perfecting. Just like life itself. A loop. A vicious cycle. A manifestation of ever growing power.

The Ironman suit will be made from this material and it will be the best defense and offense of any. Implanted with a chip that receive instant brainwaves from your mind and heart to shape the things you need for battle or for rescue.

For offence, if you needed a blade to cut through demons then picture it in your mind and it will be molded in your arm and the blade will continuously sharpen and become better until it fulfills is purpose so no matter how tough your enemies are, it will evolve itself to be stronger.

For defence, "LooP" will pick up signals of willpower from your heart and channels it to toughen up your defence. The stronger your will, the tougher it is.

Forget about the missiles and laser, you will have a fully sentient like armor that will do what ever the user desires but it requires the wits and willpower of someone strong. So not many can use it.

"The suit is nothing but a suit, only it's user will be able to harness it's true power and only then will it be useful to mankind. It is also like a double edged blade, falling into the wrong hands would bring forth destruction. But always remember that good will always triumph over pure evil, even if it falls into the wrong hand, our very own human will find a way to overcome it. That is the foundation that "LooP" itself was built upon- life." - benjamin

The suit itself will look just like how you would want it so there is no point showing to you.

So let me know... when you are ready to use it. :)

Oh yea. This Ironman suit will be named "LifeCycle"

1 comment :

hui min said...

Loop = Blood = Deadman Wonderland


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