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Friday, April 26, 2013

Iron Man 3 2013: Movie Review

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Title: Iron Man 3
Language: English
Genre: Action / Adventure 
Running Time: 2 Hours 11 Minute

What is it about:-
Tony Stark or better know as Iron Man has been under the utmost pressure of being an unmasked hero and with the trauma of fighting the alien invasion in New York, he juggles between his anxiety that he finds himself powerless and the one he truly loves. An enemy known as the mandarin wreaks chaos and threatens to kill off the president of USA and it's fellow citizens drive Tony into a corner.

What do I think about it:-

More Man Iron than Iron Man, it gives the audience what they have been yammering and anticipating since the trailer and news started rolling out. The trailer didn't really reveal a predictable storyline as well giving this 3rd movie a fresher plot. 

With enough action and devastation going on around, it will be a bad choice if you think you can just watch this on a DVD ( unless of course you have cinema-like home theater system)

Most part of the film you will see Tony Stark facing unfavorable odds forcing him to finally realize that he is more than just the armor he wears, he is Iron Man in flesh and blood. 

One of the thing that I enjoyed the most was the fact that Marvel really did finally achieve a whole new Marvel Superhero Live Action movie franchise, cleverly linking in the Avenger incident to Tony's burden and the occasional references to Thor and other catastrophic incidents. It will be a joy to see how the other characters will be crossed over more fluently rather than just giving them individual plots. 

But as enjoyable the movie will be for you, I couldn't help but feel that the it dragged on for a little during our heroes most vulnerable and self discovering moments. Adding in a few plot convenient holes such as villians being extremely vague about their motive and climax that was a tiny bit disappointing yet different. 

The villian never really revealed what he wanted but assumes that he is the greatest in the world. 

The final part was neat but should have been more refined to give better glimpse of the fight instead of just fast pace blowing up. (quite sure many would like to have better looks at each of the suits even though some might be buggy) 

It was a good ride and everyone would probably agree to some level. So enjoy! 

Rating: 3/5 
"A well put together film armed with the vulnerable hero, a personal burden and several scenes of pure fan service. It will a good thing to look forward to the rest of the Marvel series being slotted in. "

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