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Monday, April 1, 2013

Heineken Kicks Off to Ibiza Final! UEFA Champions League.

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I could still recall that night, where I was invited to watch Bayern Munich of Germany and Chelsea Of England. It was definitely a great experience gulping down some Heineken and enjoying what seemed to be anyones game down to the penalty shootouts! It was crazy and the experience was great! We had it at the premier class in GSC Signature at the Gardens. 

It looks like Heineken wants to take this experience and bring it up a notch, with the Finals this being held at Ibiza it looks like we will be seeing some pretty exotic arrangements for their fans.

This year, Heineken takes its campaign a notch higher by rewarding its fans with the chance to watch the screening of the UCL finals in the world’s party capital – Ibiza, Spain.

Moving beyond just a viewing event, Heineken Ibiza Final is set to bring together the best of football and the best of music in one spectacular night to create an unbelievable VIP experience. 

It sure seems like they are bringing fans to watch the match live... hmmmm

Fans are encouraged to engage with the Heineken Ibiza Final campaign via social media activity or from on-pack and in-bar to be one step closer to this incredible once in a lifetime prize. As the campaign reaches its climax, fans will then have to display their skills through a combination of charm, imagination and inventiveness to be rewarded with this ultimate football experience

The Heineken Ibiza Final campaign will go live from 1 - 20 April 2013 online at Heineken’s Facebook page ( and at all participating Heineken outlets in Malaysia. So be sure to check it out and you might be the lucky fella to head there! :)

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