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Friday, April 12, 2013

Glenmorangie Taking Up Tradition Up In The Hills!

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About a year ago, I was officially introduced to the Single Malt Whisky and I have taken a liking towards it's vanilla scented aroma and the smoothness that comes with it. A few years earlier and it would not have been my preferred alcohol but as time moves on and I find myself particularly fond of it especially over a lovely evening with good people to mingle around.

This year, Glenmorangie brings the party to a sub-genre of parties and kicks them off with a launch party over at The Hills at Damansara Heights. Quite a nice place for some dining and catching up and certainly a perfect place for the perfect them of a Highlander party, we were situated at a higher altitude at that time and it wasn't the alcohol influence. :p

In addition to the body painted female models, Glenmorangie tops it up with a hunky Male model that certainly got the chicks a bit more then riled up. :P But he was dead awkward most of the time, nice guy though hahaha. Of course let's not forget the lovely girls who made sure we have our Glenmorangie all night long. 

Will Quah hosted the event and without any delays got the crowd all happy and excited when guests were called up to make their best impersonation of a scottish accent and everyone did a mighty great jooowb. 

After awarding the best impersonation by crowd votes, we were all treated with a display of Scottish bagpipes and drums to truly get a feel of this scottish theme and it was great!

The thing about Glenmorangieis... it is a drink that is best enjoyed over a group of friends and is the perfect catalyst for mingling. Every moment with Glenmorangie makes it so much more fun. Observe the happy mingling faces below!

The night also unveiled Glenmorangie Wednesdays at The Hill, a month-long promotion featuring four different nights of Glenmorangie-approved entertainment, which will happen every Wednesday night throughout the month of April. Details follow:

COMEDY NIGHT featuring Douglas Lim
Date: 3 April 2013
Tickets: RM58 each, includes 2 complementary glasses of Glenmorangie Original

Date: 10 April 2013
Tickets: RM58 each, includes 2 complementary glasses of Glenmorangie Original

Date: 17 April 2013
Tickets: RM98, includes 4 hours of free flowing drinks and a total of RM2,000 worth of prizes to be won

Date: 24 April 2013
Tickets: RM158 each, includes a premium 4-course dinner

Guests can also gain access to all four Glenmorangie Wednesdays at The Hill by purchasing the Glenmorangie Package, which consists of The Original, The Lasanta, The Quinta Ruban, and The Nectar D’Or at a promotional price of RM1,500nett.

Look out for more exciting events and promotions from Glenmorangie, purveyors of “Unnecessarily Well Made” single malt whisky by logging on to

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