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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One FC Presents One Asia MMA Summit 2013 at Marina Sands Bay, 2-4 May 2013

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To sum this poster up in a paragraph in the most explosive and easily understandable way.

"Over 500+ of the most powerful people in Asian MMA will be invited to this all-expenses-paid mega summit to create the future together. Keynote speakers will include the top CEOs from media companies, blue chip sponsors, domestic MMA promotions, the best MMA gyms, and much more."- OneFC Facebook.
A conference that will be gathering the best people talking about Asian MMA and the potential future it holds for marketing, monetary, entertainment, and personal values.I will be expecting a lot of techinical and theoretical topics on Asia's MMA future, especially on it's marketing strategy as well as the history of martial arts itself that has lived it's way through technological advancements and still be a strong and leading topic in today's society.

Our venue for the Summit.

On top the representatives mentioned on top, it seems that brother and sister of the legendary Bruce Lee will be delivering keynotes on the history of martial arts ( not sure in general or about Bruce) which will certainly be an entertaining session just because these two are probably the best people to be talking about it.

To have a better look on the events that will be unfold throughout the conference here is the full agenda in which I will be attending too.

So two days later, I will be on a bus with some of my fellow MMA enthusiastic friends heading down to Singapore to attend this possibly largest summit for MMA to-date. 

"If you are not going to be there you can always follow me on twitter or instagram (for visuals) @benjaminvai or track the hash tags #ONEFC #AsiaMMASummit as my friends as well possibly other members of the media and some twitterholic speakers will be dropping interesting developments throughout the summit :). "

If there as any specific questions that you might have towards this MMA summit do tweet me and I will try my best to look for the answers you need throughout the summit. :) 

Though it's not some of the things I usually cover, it will do good taking a more formal approach to the events that I attend to stay tune! :) MMA Fighting!


Identity Thief 2013: Movie Review

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Title: Identity Thief
Language: English
Genre: Comedy/ Crime
Running Time: 111 Minute

When his bills don't add up and charged with violation of the rules that was not done by him, mild-mannered businessman Sandy Patterson travels from Denver to Miami to confront the deceptively harmless-looking woman who has been living it up after stealing Sandy's identity. He needs her to confess in order for him to be clear of the charges. - Adopted from IMDB

What do I think about it:-

When you push too hard, you really push too hard. Identity Thief drops the ball so hard that the asphalt in which main actress Melissa McCartney falls on in the movie is cracked and no longer repairable.

With two comic relief leading a comedy what could possible go wrong? The answer would lie on the inability of both main roles to lead. The whole story and flow seemed to be jumbled up together and dragged out for the longest time.

Constantly being reminded of a similar dysfunctional duo in Due Date, the movie delivered nothing but staleness with maybe 1 or 2 completely forgettable lines that delivered just a handful of laughter. Everything else was shoved so hard in my face that i felt annoyed at it. 

The whole flow of the plot was so naive and skippy that nothing that happens around them actually means something important to the story. I found myself dragged by the ankle trying to sit through the never ending "in your face" humor that couldn't have a worse timing when it comes to punch line.

I am usually one that sucks in loads of senseless humor and laugh about it but Identity Thief delivered not that was worth mentioning, even the sexual context was far from funny.

I couldn't find a character to relate, I couldn't find a reason to like them and I couldn't even find a reason to symphatize, everything was just way too pushy. 

Rating: 0/5

"Unbefitting as a comedy, Identity Thief barely passes as a heatwarming story as well. I wouldn't recommend this at all. "

Friday, April 26, 2013

Iron Man 3 2013: Movie Review

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Title: Iron Man 3
Language: English
Genre: Action / Adventure 
Running Time: 2 Hours 11 Minute

What is it about:-
Tony Stark or better know as Iron Man has been under the utmost pressure of being an unmasked hero and with the trauma of fighting the alien invasion in New York, he juggles between his anxiety that he finds himself powerless and the one he truly loves. An enemy known as the mandarin wreaks chaos and threatens to kill off the president of USA and it's fellow citizens drive Tony into a corner.

What do I think about it:-

More Man Iron than Iron Man, it gives the audience what they have been yammering and anticipating since the trailer and news started rolling out. The trailer didn't really reveal a predictable storyline as well giving this 3rd movie a fresher plot. 

With enough action and devastation going on around, it will be a bad choice if you think you can just watch this on a DVD ( unless of course you have cinema-like home theater system)

Most part of the film you will see Tony Stark facing unfavorable odds forcing him to finally realize that he is more than just the armor he wears, he is Iron Man in flesh and blood. 

One of the thing that I enjoyed the most was the fact that Marvel really did finally achieve a whole new Marvel Superhero Live Action movie franchise, cleverly linking in the Avenger incident to Tony's burden and the occasional references to Thor and other catastrophic incidents. It will be a joy to see how the other characters will be crossed over more fluently rather than just giving them individual plots. 

But as enjoyable the movie will be for you, I couldn't help but feel that the it dragged on for a little during our heroes most vulnerable and self discovering moments. Adding in a few plot convenient holes such as villians being extremely vague about their motive and climax that was a tiny bit disappointing yet different. 

The villian never really revealed what he wanted but assumes that he is the greatest in the world. 

The final part was neat but should have been more refined to give better glimpse of the fight instead of just fast pace blowing up. (quite sure many would like to have better looks at each of the suits even though some might be buggy) 

It was a good ride and everyone would probably agree to some level. So enjoy! 

Rating: 3/5 
"A well put together film armed with the vulnerable hero, a personal burden and several scenes of pure fan service. It will a good thing to look forward to the rest of the Marvel series being slotted in. "

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Belvedere Vodka Brings You Passion For Fashion 2013 featuring Dawn Yang's Lexy Lyla Collection

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Another installment to the ever so classy Passion For Fashion will be awaiting your arrival on the 30th April 2013 a the Butter Factory.

The perfect pre-holiday event armed with smooth vanilla scented Belvedere Vodka, hosted by the glamorous super model duo of Gemma & Louise  who will probably leave all the men breathless and the girls in envy.

So if you are looking for a place where you can drink, party and feast your eyes on some glamorous fashion then it's time to get yourself ready for the Butter Factory this 30th April! What more can you ask for on a Tuesday night right?

Dawn Yang, the ever so gorgeous blogger/designer will be there to showcase her exclusive Belvedere inspired designs and who wouldn;t wanna meet this lovely lady right? Her fans would go wild I tell you.

To further entertain you, DJ Faith, DJ Darling and the Miami Veteran DJ Patrick Oliver will be ready to pump some dance music into the air so be sure to gather your friends for this mid-week pre-labor day event! :) I don't think there will be a better party and show that night! It's going to be the best time of any Tuesday night! :0 

Particularly thrilled about this event because I have not tasted Belvedere Vodka before and it should be quite close to my liking plus Patrick Oliver spins quite a good set of music that I love. So it is going to be a guranteed great night!

The best Tuesday night party will be right here at Butter Factory, I am pretty sure of it so here is how you can get yourself there.

The Butter Factory, 1 Jalan Kia Peng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
8pm until late, 30th April 2013
Reservations: call +6017 268 6566 or email
At the Door: 
RM40 (ladies)/ RM60 (men) or 3 pax entry per purchase of one bottle of Belvedere Vodka
For More Info:

Passion for Fashion 2013 is in association with g Global Media and JM Productions; the event to rub shoulders with professionals from the fashion and entertainment industries.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KDU Power Chef Competition 2013

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It's actually good to see Colleges like KDU being so proactive in organizing competitions that leads to a prospect that might benefit high schoolers nowadays. Most high school students find themselves stranded on that weird void we all know as "after SPM study what" .

In a chance to dig out hidden potentials in high school students, KDU organized the Power Chef Challenge where students who have a heard for cooking could participate and show off their cooking skills. A chance that many would not be able to experience a cook-off competition.

The competition started off early at 7 am and lasted until late afternoon. There were approximately 80 participating schools around the Klang Valley area, consisting of hopeful secondary school students.

The event saw a stiff and competitive competition amongst the secondary school students, not forgetting to mention their enthusiastic and supportive teachers and school counsellors.

I arrived at about 11am which was after the others were removed from the list and only 12 pairs were left. Apparently they were tested in various culinary expertise to be qualified Top 12 schools were selected to head towards the final round of the competition and they were expected to produce a main dish, soup and dessert for 2 pax.

They were given about 2 hours to prepare the dishes needed so the rest of the attendees were shown around the other kitchens where various demonstrations were done to keep them pre-occupied. So myself and a few other bloggers were loitering around these kitchen catching a glimpse here and there. Sure feels old seeing high school kids in their track bottoms and sports team shirts gathering here and there.

Mighty proud to say that I actually know how to cook the dishes demonstrated. :) It's true! But then 99% of the people i know still find it hard to believe. I used to cook for my family during high school because I will the earliest to reach home after school. Cooking isn't hard, you just need heart.

After a little tour we were back at the Champions Kitchen where the 12 finalist will be preparing their entries.

The final round menu was Puree of Mixed Vegetable Soup, Pan-Roasted Stuffed Chicken Leg, accompanied with Potatoes and Vegetables, served with sauce and Apple Crumble with Vanilla Sauce.

Teamwork, experience and attitude plays a great part in these competition as time will be the main problem and you will need to work diligently to prepare the meal in time. The people in black are students of the KDU Culinary school and were being very helpful to the students in giving them advice and reminder so it must have been quite inspiring to have seniors looking after you. 

After the time is over, the dishes were brought to another room where the judges will be evaluating the meals one by one while everyone else waits at the auditorium along with lunch. 

After tasting the dishes one by one (god knows how they do it, so many same dishes) the results were later announce in the auditorium where everyone was having lunch. Cooked by the culinary department of course.

The happy champions.

From the 12 final teams, 5 teams were chosen as winners. Team Sugar and Spice from SMK Katholik walked home with the grand prize of RM 4,000 worth of travel voucher with a grand trophy, followed by Team Ruby from SMK USJ 4, walking away with RM 2,000 worth of travel voucher, and Team Le Merry Haijam Sri Aman from SMK (P) Sri Aman, walking away with RM 1,000 travel voucher. The 4th and 5th place went to Team Soft Paws of SMK Taman Sri Rampai and Team Stitch of SMK USJ 12, who both won RM 250 shopping vouchers.

Congratulatations to them and I am sure it was good experience for everyone else that participated. :)

Let's hope that KDU continues this tradition and perhaps bringing it to bigger scales and adding in more categories. Quite sure it will good publicity oso :P.

IF you want more info in their courses u can visit my previous post here

Ciao Ciao. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pickle and Fig @ TTDI, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

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When was the last time you grabbed a smootie from a heavily marketed joint?

When was the last time a perfectly toasted Panini satisfied your meal?

In the midst of our bustling city life, where booze and soul shattering parties tilt our eating habits, our time managements and our sleeping practices to a somewhat dis-orientated manner. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy every part of this life.

It's just that...One needs to understand that he/she needs to pick up a few proper habits to balance it all out. Maybe you could try to sleep longer hours, cut down on the happy hours perhaps? Or maybe avoid heavily smoked clubs and some late night deadlines as well. Curbing your diet to a healthy one helps too, but we are all too busy with work to actually bother hitting the local Jaya Grocer or Cold Storage for a stash of organic grown plants or making a salad after a heavy day at work.

The solution...As many have found, would be to find places that serve a variety of health conscious food preparations, O'Briens or maybe a Subway serves that purpose but let's look at the more health-centric outlets. Can you recommend any? (Do comment, I would like to give it a try too)

Pickle & Fig just like the name is one such outlet that takes blending the freshes smoothies for your on-the-go needs and offers a menu of delicious and heathy salads and sandwiches, they serve some good coffee for your afternoon chillout too.

Offering a variety of fresh non-sugar/syrup health smoothies some of these are really unique. Some of these are a great replacement for your other juices and can probably replace your afternoon tea cravings.

I would recommend the Bananaholic for energy to get you through the rest of the day. Many ta-pau this drink after lunch.

Be it Nachos or some Avocado Salad, these serves as a delicious appetizer or even a full meal if you are on a "Eat less for more" diet plan.

A homemade Raspberry Vinaigrette sauce for the salad gives it a unique flavor and there was probably vinegar in it as well. Something light for a happy heart.

The Nachos are a bit heavier with all the cheddar but it does not give you time for chatter. You will munching down this delicious munchies the whole time, complemented with sour jalapenos and olives. A good snack for catching up your favorite series too!

Pickle & Fig has yet to offer any pasta or burgers yet, probably soon! But the following sandwiches are a good choice of health and taste. I assure you.

Coronation chicken sandwich

Lot's alfafa and a piece of nicely flavored chicken breast that conquers your taste bud and satisfy your hunger. The meat was tender and juicy despite being a nicely sliced chicken breast. 

Smoked salmon & cream cheese sandwich

What more can you say about smoked salmon topped with cream cheese? I think the word was epic and as long as the chef prepares the salmon fresh every time, this is a sure seller. :) An extra slice of salmon with be freaking awesome too. 

Smoked Turkey roll & Cheddar hot pressed panini

Simple and Smart, chewy cheddar and turket slices will never go wrong! The Panini was nicely toasted giving you a really good bite out of this one. A crowd pleaser, I am sure!

Hoisin chicken & grilled zucchini

A probable favorite of those who prefer slightly stronger taste in their sandwiches, the sweet sauce complements well with the chicken and egg found inside. 

Rotkraut Pastrami

Melty goodness with this one, beef and cheese that sort of balances out each other, not too heavy and gives a massive satisfaction for a good hearty lunch.

Fish & Chip ( Not Available Yet)

This one was a new dish that I was lucky enough to try out, but the fish was kinda inconsistent and had a fishy smell to it. *gasp* but it does have a really good tartar sauce dip. :) We are sure the owner and chef will work together to get this one fixed so give it a try when it is officially on the menu. 

The owner also make a note saying that they will be bringing out some pastry choices along the next few months so you will treated to some possible great tasting pastry soon as well.

A great place for a cozy meeting or a afternoon catch-up with friends. They have a variety of tea and some freshly brewed coffee for your liking. 

Like I say, it's a cozy and spacious shop lot with that hint of urban city design that I personally find pretty nice. You could have settle for a game of chess or snap with your friends too! 

Would definitely drop by here from time to time for my sandwich fix ( I usually don't want to pay for sandwiches though cause it seems to be simple) just because it's an good place for it. (sandwiches) 

So if you are ever feeling it, do ring me up and maybe we can meet up over a cup of coffee :). 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Resort World Genting Says Ynot Spark Your Creativity With Gravity! 2013


Call it an overrated tourism sport, call it a waste of money, call it nothing special. No matter what you say about this amazing place it will still be an awesome place for a getaway over the weekend be it with friends or with family.

Despite my fear of height, I am a highlander at heart. Always yearning for trips up to Cameron, Frasers and of course the ever popular Genting Highland. So when there was an invite for 2 day 1 night trip up to Genting , I was immediately gamed for it!

I was suppose to have a look at the 2 day Ynot Spark your creativity with graffiti event, where many art students explore the unique graffiti art styles that represents boundless expressions.

I begun my journey at the meeting point at Wisma Genting at 7.45am on a Saturday, yes i was up THAT early. When I arrive at the was already packed people sitting on the steps. Many of whom the faces I have never met and of course there were a few familiar faces but 90% were people whom I have yet to met. Where did they appear from! XD Oh well... the more the merrier, so in total there were about 50+ of us who headed up Genting after some delay.

The bus was pretty speedy so it cut down the pain and suffering of the winding roads uphill. (Thank you! T.T)  After Checking in our luggage, we headed off to the stage for the event.

We were immediately treated to some BMX showcase where a few talented stunt cyclist performed quite impressive tricks but of course there more room for improvements. They did their best but I guess they need to me more creative in their presentation. 

The weather was just a little cool at that time as the sun was still up but it was bipolar. Sikit sikit shine bright bright, sikit sikit dark kao kao.  It was kinda annoying but we weren;t complaing because we were already making our way to lunch. XD

First lunch was at Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant, Theme Park Hotel. I think this restaurant has been there forever even since I was a baby. The food was alright, pretty edible but I am not going into detail about it! . 

After the lunch were given some time to check in and rest and change for Songkran Festival experience. ( yes, songkran festival up here in Genting, freaking awesome la I tell you.)

We sorta just ran into the already wet area and was probably doing some really sissy war cry, there was a foam making machine that was not foamy enough but we have enough water to get everyone wet and cold! It was a great time and there were some nice music being played untile they looped it. 

We didn't wanna leave as the real DJs were just getting themselves set up. The area was too big and it made everything slight empty and boring but WE HAVE LOADS OF FREEZING GOOD FUN.

There are more pictures but currently unavailable. After the whole Songkran festival we headed back to our room and relax till dinner time where we dine at the Coffee Terrace at Genting. A buffet dinner of everything they have to offer. GOT REALLY A LOT OF FOOD I TELL YOU!

Spoilt for choice, everyone gobbled down on their food while tasting almost everything at the serving tables. The Salmon was freaking amazing btw. There was some really spicy Tom Yum Gong, the chef makes no mistakes when it comes to this and so we ended up having burnt out tongue.

Finishing the dessert seemed to be a lvl 100 task so it took sometime for us to rush to the last performance of the night.

Elecoldxhot & FIX was ready to tear the stage!

After the shows it was all free and easy so we all sort of split up and enjoyed the rest of the chilly Genting air in our own cliques. So we decided to buy tickets to watch a 1.20am movie. After some loitering while waiting for the movie actually start, we went to try the legendary CCB burger by Marry Brown. It was unique in taste and pretty edible and here is what Darren has to say about it. 


We went to take a forceful nap before the show and had to drag ourselves to the cinema, halfheartedly wanting to ditch the tickets. There were 5 of us all together and 4 of us manage to keep knocking into each other in the cinema, dozing off every other moment, the only one who was awake the whole time was Sher Lynn but that was probably because the girls next to her can't shut up. 

It was still a really funny story of how people who don't usually hang out together ended being great company for a trip! XD 

Finally falling asleep at about 4am. We woke up for breakfast at 8.45am and the breakfast at First World Cafe was really a disappointment. LIKE REALLY, so sorry to say. :(

We scooted on to the outdoor themepark for the last performance that we will be able to watch by Elecoldxshot and they nailed it! Awesome stuff. 

Here are some of the graffiti arts that were done. Pretty cool stuff, would love to see an entire wall in Genting painted!

Of course let's not forget this interesting Raincoat Fashion Show stunned all of us. :) kudos! XD

It was a lightning fast 2 days 1 night. With plenty of food and cold ... I wanted to tie myself to one of the trees in Genting :(. 

Because what awaited me was the hot weather and the jams and the work back in KL T.T 

But it was inevitable BUT thanks Nuffnang and Genting for the nice getaway!

And here is the weekend wolfpack, braving pass the winding roads of Genting, the cold water wars and the mountains of food to have a great time. 

This picture was taken when we were loitering before our bus come to kidnap us back to reality, behind the smiling face were heavy hearts that did not want to leave because two really hot Thai Djs were spnning good music and they needed people like us to layan them. We were fist pumping for a while up here and they saw us and wave to us. T.T . So saaaaad la ! hor darren? hor? sigh.

There will be more Songkran Madness once I find the pictures! hahaha 

Bersih 3.0 and I

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