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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Call (2013)- Movie Review

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Title: The Call
Language: English
Running Time: 96 minutes

What's it about:-
Follow the life of a veteran 911 operator as she fights to overcome a tragic mistake that haunts her and the struggle to prevent the same mistake from happening again when she receives another call that could be the caller's last call.

What do I think about it:-
The movie started out pretty nicely with a clear and quick pace on the the premises of the movie.

Everything went into a very predictable spiral yet each turn would be a seat grabbing moment as many will themselves getting casually absorbed into the characters and feel that minor heart burn that one have when engaged in a thriller.

The story moved fast in the middle yet lacked that homerun finale at the end for rushing it too fast and everything that happened just seemed too convenient. I would have expected the heroine to be doing some major research on her end instead of field work close to the end.

The villain in the movie was partially crazy and I expected it to be something sick and twisted but that part turned out to be a slight disappointment.

Both actresses did a pretty good job and manage to capture the audiences, everyone left the cinema with a sigh of relief knowing that the ride was over.

Rating: 2/5

"A seat grabber to many that make good attempts to suck you into the story, a simple story that gives a tint of freshness in this fast pace action thriller." -Benjamin foo. 

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