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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Movie Review: Oz: The Great and Powerful (2013)

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Title: Oz: The Great and Powerful
Language: English
Genre: Adventure / Fantasy
Running Time: 130 minutes

What's it about:-
Much like Alice In Wonderland which coincidentally (or not) same director as well, A twist to the original Wizard Of Oz. Watch as Oz journeys through a mysterious land full of enchanting creatures and vivid images that blows the once grey Oz into something of a savior.

What are my thoughts on the movie:-

I am trying to remember when was the last time i actually had so much loath about a film, probably never as much as today.

Oz, starts out in a unique old school black and white film style, slowly introducing the main character and ultimately revealing how James Franco struggles to put himself into character and how the 3 lead actresses each seem to just stare out blankly into space waiting for the other to respond.

The movie would not even last as a 5 min short film. The actors were bad, every single one of them (besides the Chyna doll and monkey) seem like they got the script an hour ago and made to improvise. The land of Oz lacks the creativity and magic that it should bring. 

What about the visuals? You would think this would at least impress, to be honest besides the "commercial like" standard visuals that makes you want to anticipate a ( insert well known TV brand) logo somewhere. It was a showcase of vivid colors on a rocky landscape, easily found on many stock photos sites 

There was also the issue of a weird cut scenes and camera techniques. 

When it pours down to the story, it was bland, unorganized and dimwitted. Do what you may with the story, I would give them a second chance and improving the script and STILL they will not be able to make it even a little fresh. 

I would like to know, for those who enjoyed the show. Why? Pls comment in my NuffnangX box below.

The most disappointing fact of all, it's Sam Raimi and Disney. You have 2 great elements here and yet all it came out was a colorful trailer that showed everything u need to see about the "great" land of Oz in the full movie and enough excitement to get to buy a ticket and come out confused and unsatisfied. 

Rating: 0/5

"If these are the standards of films in the future, then we need not worry about children not reading books anymore. Reading nursery rhymes would have been much more exciting"-

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