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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

McDonald's National Breakfast Day is back! More FREE Egg McMuffins to be given away!

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The advocates of taking a healthy breakfast are back and this time they are going our borders! Stretching across the seas with about 5000 outlets and 5 Million Egg McMuffin to be given out, McDonald is definitely serious on making you eat your breakfast!

AS many of you might have already known that last year November 2012, McDonald did a similar project and it was responded very well by the public and receive positive feedback. They have also recorded and increment in ppl coming in for a breakfast set before heading to work!

So in continuing the spirit and with a little motivation from their overseas counter part, Malaysia's Breakfast Day has become the centre of attention of the McD chains and is proud to be initiator of such a meaningful movement.

The date this time around will be as follow:-

Date: 18th March 2013
Time: 7am - 11am
Venue: All McDonald outlets
Requirement: No coupon/proof needed, just come in queue up and pick out an Egg McMuffin. 
Validity: Valid on 18th of March only, drive thru applicable. 

Sarah Casanova, Managing Director of McDonald Malaysia mentioned that according to their research, time was one of the most common excusefor Malaysians to skip breakfast. By  showing people that you can quickly pick up a set and be off to work.

Breakfast is of course the most important meal of the day and with this arrangement many can book the date and drop by with friends to catch up before heading north.south,east, and west for work.

So who will be dropping by to pick one up next week?

Let's have an Egg McMuffin next Monday shall we? :)

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