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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

KDU University College hosts Dato' CQ Teo Debate Challenge 2013


It was yet another good year for KDU College to play host to the annual Dato' CQ Teo Debate Challenge as teams from 60 high schools speak it out over a period of 3 days to see who emerges as the most fluent, knowledgeable and manipulative team to make a point.

Considering myself lucky to be invited to be the audience in such an important event to the english language co-curricular activities and KDU's own vision to drive dreams of youths.

The finals was between  Government Tunku Khursiah College (TKC) against Opposition SMK Assunta.

After a careful discussion between the two teams it was decided that the motion proposed by the goverment would be "******"

The topic itself however proved to be inappropriate in so many levels even though the context were to only be discussed within the competition. 

TKC represented the Goverment and provided the theories and faces to reason with the motion. Strongly circulating around the premises of people should be able to vote for the Pope that they trust and believe and that this will further bring them closer to believing to words of the pope. Key points used by TKC were trusts and giving the people the power to choose, much like the concept of democracy.

Although a good point made at the beginning of the debate session, TKC did not manage to convincingly convey their personal core values that triggered the motioned. The facts that were brought up were very shallow and lack understanding of  the religion itself but to be fair they only had about 20 minutes to prepare. So this lack of time is one of the reasons that the debate lost steam after the first speakers.

SMK Assunta thrived on the lack of knowledge and the irrelavancy that the government was standing on to pass such a motion. Focusing on age old traditions and the seniority of each cardinals present to choose the pope beind close doors. They also worked around the fact that letting the people choose their pope would affect the best interest of all Christians in the world.

SMK Assunta who clearly had a better grasp of the motion and more factsto roll around did not manage to capitalized on it and decides to hound down every point that TKC the govement wishes to make. Making most of their presentation time into quick stabs at judging the governments knowledge and appeared to be overly emotional towards the end that sort of clouded the speakers potential to prove a point. 

My own personal opinion on the matter is sort of different.
I felt like questioning the boards that were creating the topic for these debate challenges instead, is it a necessity to engage the debate in a religious point of view even though it's ground could be neutral. One will understand that the topic would spiral into a religious spat but it was a mild one as both team weren't advance enough or were well behaved enough to get into such a thing.

Wouldn't the challenge be better off with a more constructive topic that seeks good opinions and further expand the knowledge of each team. No doubt that each speaker was well verse in the language but they seem to lack soul and exposure when it comes to debating over a subject.

Perhaps the organizers should focus more on the proper education and benefits of tthe debate challenge.

In regards to the motion mentioned, I believe that the cardinal should be the ones choosing the pope base on the grown of tradition and the experience that each of the cardinal voters possess to select a new leader.

After an hour of debate, TKC managed to win on a 8 to 1 basis over their rivals. It was clear that TKC managed to stand firm on their ground in protecting their topic.

Congratulations to both teams and you are slightly richer :). Well Done!

Appreciate the efforts byt he organizers and host KDU College in once again successfulyl holding the event over 3 days. Impressive indeed.

The invite was much appreciated as well. I do hope that debate challenges will be better utilized to really promote it's core value of sharpening communication skills and being much more able to speak up, however one should never take speaking so formally into a habit or else you might annoy your friend too much :P.


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