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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Johnnie Walker Presents: Circuit Lounge


Race day in the mornings and Party in the night, those are the awesome set up when it comes to Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge. A amazing experience VIP style thanks to the smooth tasting crowd favorite whisky Johnnie Walker.

The Circuit Lounge was held at Subang Terminal 2, Skypark, a close down airport terminal that is now home to the Circuit Lounge and it's amazing set up. It's great to see an abandoned airport hall be used in such away. Housing a group of great people ready to enjoy the night with the fabulous Johnnie Walker.

Exclusively by invitation only, the guest were ushered in VIP style to an array of great cocktails and photo booths, dress in stylish black or shimmering gold, a presence of both style and glamour.

Even as we walked in we were greeted with the awesome *Imma Bleep youup * Malaysia's own Swedish House Mafia! They really bombed the place even though it just started. The crowd was still getting warmed up but they were really rocking it. It was gold when they dropped Fearless Heart. fuuuh...

After their set, they were followed by DJ Vogue Williams and DJ Ivan Gough, both of them had their share of moments but if you ask me! *Imma Bleep youup* was the best! Malaysian pride :P

The night continues with lots of Johnnie Walker, great friends and lots of music! The things you should always do at such parties is to let loose and just party away, ure with friends! If you are not with friends, keep walking and make more friends, everyone will be in good spirits.

I don't really fancy people who just sits there and do nothing lo, at least smile and try to enjoy it a bit!

Nearly forgot to mentioned! Johnnie Walker hired a few of the world professional bar tenders to mix the cocktails for us that night! Here is the Thai Champ Suwapit! :) He is very outgoing, a true bartender person!

Manage to meet up with Joyce aka KinkyBlue Fairy too! She was talking about short hair and the morning after problems when u sleep after bathe the next morning. Such an awesomely fun person! 

It was altogether another great night! Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge is as always one of the main clubbing events of the year and I am quite sure this is only the beginning for this year!

More pictures here!

For more info on the next Circuit Lounge. Like them on FB! :)


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"If you are not with friends, keep walking and make more friends, everyone will be in good spirits.", I very shy shy de leh.

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