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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hennessy KYRIOS Launch Party at Butter Factory,KL

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Hennesy always likes to bring the weekend closer by having Thursday parties! This time for the launch of it's ever stunning Hennessy V.S.O.P. KYRIOS at the Butter Factory!

It's always a good night ahead when you are heading for a party held by Hennessy. Djs of the night were B.A.T.E, Mr. Nasty & Guru Guru plus the very very gorgeous DJ Cookie. What is there not to love for a night like this? Okay, maybe the fact that we still have to tackle Friday but who cares, party on! Responsibly of course!

The stunning Hennessy KYRIOS was the lead of the night and considering it's matte finishing and a illuminating logo, it definitely fits to be know as the Guardian Of The Codes. It is perhaps my favorite among the Privilege collection. Swaaaag.

A little photo op here and there with the party peeps is always essential with the wonderfully improving B.A.T.E. at the background. People were pouring slowly and by 10pm the place were filled up, not to mention the bartenders and waiters were on high gears serving a ever flowing variety of Hennessy trademark long drinks. :)

This is Anna, she is always super hyper at the beginning of the party one. My best shout buddy cause we like to scream at each other, she probably thinks she is dam cute here..... (to be continued later)

By 10.15pm everyone was starting to get the full mood out and with a short introduction to the Hennessy KYRIOS, the party was swinging in full force with the presentation of black skin suited man and chicks plus the start of DJ Cookie's set. 

DJ Cookie did showed us why she was one of the best DJ in Taipei and the crowd seemed to love her much as well, perhaps it was the constant mood of raves that I was in but she still seemed a bit too mild for me though she did throw in some of the most exciting EDM tunes to get the crowd crazy, gooood crazy...

We were crazy by 11am, letting the smooth sensation of the Hennessy KYRIOS run down our throats as we were given the privilege of never ending enjoyment of the drink. Hennessy Ginger mix has always been my favorite Long drink, the spiciness that the ginger gives always adds that extra kick I like. 

Crazy enough for me to actually bump into an old friend of mine! He was a pretty awesome drummer back in the days and it was certainly hella awesome to have bumped into him for a couple of drink as you can see we were super happy. This old friend's name is Lim Song Jun, no i don't think he is Korean -_-. hahaha.

After Dj Cookie's uplifting bangers, Mr. Nasty and GuruGuru dropped in and built on the momentum Cookie left for us, dropping some of the finer tunes in EDM history. They should have went Bass Agent mode but I guess people still needed to work the next day! XD

Some girls developed an instinct to spontaneously pose when a camera is around. This girl in green was a pro, confirm! LoL.

So the night went on and went, with more Hennessy KYRIO along with lots of picture snapping and party dancing plus the massive shoutings and here to continue my story of what happen to Anna after an awesome night of Hennessy, this is the 2nd time she fall prey to the epic happiness that Hennessy brings :). But don't worry she was in good hands.

Well down Anna, next time again! XD

It was definitely another incredible night and Hennessy KYRIOS will still be making it's way to Penang and Johor soon for the party people there! 

Check out their facebook to find out more!

For more awesome party pics come here!

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