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Monday, March 11, 2013

FMFA (Future Music Festival Asia) and ASOT 600 ( A State Of Trance) 2013 Set times and Venue Map Malaysia

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The much awaited Future Music Festival Asia and A State Of Trance is finally 5 days away! It's going to be the wildest weekend this part of the year perhaps even the whole year!

Here was one of the highlights last year

But this year will be guranteed to be even bigger! Bashing in a load full of indie bands, Dubstep masters, R&B groups, and some of the best DJs locally and internationally not to mention the trance maestro Armin Van Buren bringing in his boys for a epic State Of Trance on Friday!

Here is the map for this wow wow weekend!

Everything looks neatly placed with the main stage up top left, so i suggest you wear your most comfortable footwear and drink lots of fluid cause you will walking, rocking and raving all night and all day!

The Club Asahi seems pretty attractive as well since they ARE the main alcohol sponsor for this event! Rock on Asahi Beer!

PLAN YOUR JOURNEY WITH THESE SET TIMES CAUSE YOU WOULDN"T WANNA MISS YOUR FAVORITE ACTS! But I am quite sure some will clash but good luck and enjoy yourselves

ASOT 600 will be on the 15th of March Friday

Slightly disappointed that Ben Gold had to start at 6pm, I won't be able to reach in time *sigh* sorry bro, but it will be awesome pawsome from the time you reach all the way till 2am, W&W, Cosmic Gate and AVB will be my personal highlight but the line up is just amazing!

After this CONFIRM awesome night, head back and rejuvenate yourselves, get some sleep or what ever means that will refresh you for the next day!

Flamingo Stage

This will be the indie band and pop music stage i suppose, the highlights will definitely be Rita Ora, Psy and FUN but personally I would watch out for Kyoto Protocol, Temper Trap and Bloc Party FTW! Definitely some great music from this stage (besides PSY if all he does is a 30 min gangnam style session -_-)

Gnome Stage

I feel that our home girl Eva T's set at 4.30pm might be a bit wasted cause she mixes pretty well :(. But I am sure home ground EDM fans will be there to support her as well! Gnome Stage will be rocking some great EDM finest including Shut Da Mouth from korea whom I am eager to see what they can do! It will be great back to back beats. I think I will staying here most of the time. :P Angger Dimas , SidNey Samson, Goldfish & Blink and Andy Moor are all awesome!

Red Bull Hangar

Energy will be high here at the Red Bull Hanger so be sure to catch your favorites here as well! B.A.T.E and MR. Fluff will be the ones to look for cause these boys will rock your socks off! Exciting stuff happening here and I heard Reeves from the Red bull Thre3style is fantastic too!

LapSap Pool Party Set (Time TBC)

You won't want to miss this part of the Future Music Festival Asia as well! LAPSAP POOL PARTY will also be there to let you cool down with some awesome club beats by local talents that will sure to impress, lockers and changing rooms are provided all you can just come in your bikini and trunks with your water proof bags cause it's going to get Wet n Wild here! Keep yourselves updated on their Set times (if any) here


Warrior Dance Arena

This stage will be the one that is going to give you one of the most awesome moments, and the most head ache as well! With such a great lineup you are going to be running up and down FMFA just to catch your favorites! So fuel up on Red Bull, Asahi and any other liquor and drinks you find good for you! Crazy stuff be happening here when Prodigy drops those sick tunes they have! So HAVE FUN!

Keep yourselves updated here

The week is going to breeze by with such a big weekend ahead, have fun guys and come say Hi if you manage to recognize me so we can party together too! wootz~

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