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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Corona Extra Wants to Bring You On A Trip for 2 to Koh Samui! Let The World Wait.

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I am usually not one to be fussing over vacations and travelling abroad but I do realize that I am a bit under traveled for a social media junkie and as a 25 year old "boy". So early this year I made my promise to at least take more trips within Malaysia and maybe one or two overseas trip as well. ( That's subjected to my financial status of course). I very open to the idea of sponsored trips as well *wink* but that's a whole different story.

The other most possible way was to win trips for competitions that are always popping everywhere but since I am not a comp-ter ( competition hunter) of any sorts I usually don't pay much attention to it lor.

I managed to spot one from Corona Malaysia about a trip of 2 days 1 night to Koh Samui and the mechanics seem easy and the odds are actually quite good seeing that there aren't THAT many Corona drinkers (with lime of course) in Malaysia RIGHT???

Click on the link to join.

Since the odds seem favorable and even though I just only found out about it this morning (-_-"). I thought it's worth a share since you still have the weekends to grab a bucket at their outlets. Each bucket or 6 pack entitles you to one entry!

The mechanics are quite simple as well.

Step 1: Fill in your details.

Step 2: Answer 2 simple questions

*visual unavailable*

Step 3: Create themed slogan

*visual unavailable*

and you are done!

It's pretty simple and straight forward to I just went to the nearest supermarket I could find and bought a six pack to enjoy later as well. :P 

Definitely think you guys should give it a try too! Don't mind having some friends joining as well (chewah macam sudah menang :P, *fingers and toes crossed*)

Join the competition and try the beer if you haven't already.(remember the lime) 

It wouldn't hurt to Let The World Wait once in a while for you relax on a tropical beach lor! 

By the way, this is Koh Samui.


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