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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cebu Pacific Looks For The Juan Blogger!

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Spotted this dandy looking thing on my social news feed the other day. 

Looks like something that needs lots of attention to do? Well, not really! 

All you need to do is use some not so canggih software and maybe a camera should be alright after all the Grand prize is freaking awesome! 

It looks like some of my friends have decided to join as well so maybe you want to show some of your video skills as well.

I am quite sure they are looking for creatively funny with a dash of awesome, which I think many of you have it in you! I would have joined it myself but I simply couldnt find anytime even though the prize is just awesome pawsome with lots of spending money! 

All the information you need is here so I need not make this such a long winded post!

The gallery is filled with sexy, cool and maybe one or two not so cool videos so even if you are not joining why not cast your vote for the one you think deserves it!

I've casted my vote for Samuel Chew who seems to be ahead of the rest, he played fire and water in it so yea give him la! hahaha sexy girls don really appeal that much if you don creatively do it lor! 

Well, the contest winners will be announce Mid- April so all the best to the bloggers and if you need someone to teman u I don mind! :P 

Let's hope Cebu Airlines brings in more of these competition and possible even better prizes ! :) 

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