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Sunday, February 3, 2013

One FC: Return Of Warrior, Personal Match Review and Experience


Introduction of the fighters during the opening period
Despite the sweltering heat spell that KL is under yesterday, crowds awaited eagerly for the state of the night's event at Stadium Putra which is the One FC: Return Of Warrior fights.

The crowd were of all sorts ranging from MMA enthusiasts to those who have never experienced a live fight or even witnessing a MMA fight before. It was a great night with loads of action and the spirits of the fighters lifts the air to woo the crowd with passion and heart.

This was probably my first time experiencing a high level MMA event such as this and it was a great experience, Stadium Putra was well planned out to house the event and I do not see any discomfort to the audiences as the seats were comfortable and ventilation and air conditioning was in good condition. Perhaps the only that I would be looking forward to next round would be an even more eruptful audiences as MMA and ONE FC is still at an early stage in Malaysia.

On to the matches, every match had it's moments and all fighters showed great heart and sportsmanship in their fight, delivering of what is to be a great night in MMA fashion.

Under Card Match 1: Jake Butler (Win) VS Antoni Romulo

It didn't take Jake long to take control of the match against his opponent Antoni as it was clear from the first 20 secs that Jake had the better mentality and probably experience in the cage, Jake quickly dispatches his oppnent with strikes and a take down followed by TKO (punches), the match lasted about 1.42 in the first round.

Under Card Match 2: Gianni Subba (Win) vs Saiful Merican 

Saiful is experienced in Muay Thai so he has a good stand up game in his arsenal, this was made clear with succesful thigh kicks and landing a couple of good punches in on Gianni early in the round. Probably taking note that Saiful is still fresh when it comes to ground battles Gianni took his game to the floor after and successful secure a armbar hold on Saiful forcing him to tap out and resulting in a victory for Gianni. Both had a good game between them.

Main Card Match 1: AJ Lias Mansor  vs Jian Kai Chee (Win)

AJ erupted across the cage to Jian early in the round and manage to land take downs after take downs on Jian, Jian was clearly at a disadvantages after those great take downs. However, AJ was unable to succesfully land a submission on Jian as he was clearly at a height advantage which gave AJ a tougher time to get the right position. AJ looked pretty much out of breathe the second round but continued to go for his great take downs from the first round, Jian was much better prepared for the attacks this round as AJ was having a hard time to land those take downs this time around.  Although using his height and range, Jian did not optimize those advantages but he still manage to control the flow after mid second round and gained much confidence towards the last round, The match ended up with a win to Jian by the judges unanimous decision.

It looks like this was Jian's first win and it was great to see his joy after the announcement.

Jian roared with joy after the announcement. 
Main Card Match 2: Raymond Tiew vs Melvin Teoh (Win)

Raymond enters the stadium with a pretty surprising choice of entry song, he chose the OST Main Theme of a popular Anime called "Fairy Tail" which got an anime fan such as me all excited for the match. Both Raymond and Melvin are good term rivals and clearly this match was both very personal as well for them.

Both fighters were cautious and gave each other little opening for an attack, it was obvious that Melvin was controlling from start till end even though not many strikes were landing between the both of them, when it finally came Melvin succesfully delivered a triangle choke after the second, Raymond struggled with a final double fist slam to Melvin but was absorbed by him and Raymond had to tap out for the second lost against his long rival Melvin who happesn to be a full time teacher in Johor.

Raymond goes for the one last pound before tapping.

Main Card Match 3: Thanh Vu (Win) vs Mohd. Fouzein 

Just when I thought that the first Under Card would be the fastest fight of the night, this match ended with a TKO a little less over a min, Thanh was up against Mohd. Fouzein with a nickname "Underdog". It seems that Mohd. Fouzein was not the main fighter for this match as apparently he was a substitute for the previous 2 fighters who was suppose to compete but was unavailable due to what ever reason.

Mohd. Fouzein was displaying habits and anxiety of any newbie in and out of the cage, he was nervous and he was jumpy, Thanh probably saw this at the start of the match and paced him self well, after a few quick dodges from Fouzein's shots to his face, Thanh landed a straight to Fouzein's chin which followed by a quick advancement of punches and was deemed the victor by the referee after that.

Would like to thank Fouzein for his courage to fight despite the obvious differences. All the best in future fights.

Main Card Match 4: Zuli Silawanto vs Adam Kayoom (Win)

A destructive aura filled the air of the stadium between these two well built fighters each sizing up to the other, you would be sure that there would be some great pounding action. Kayoom who clearly had the charisma of a good fighter dominated most of the match as he countered vicious combos from Zuli, when he finally deliver a take own on Zuli with great positioning, he left no openings for Zuli to recover and after 2 rounds Kayoom seals the win with a impressive rare naked choke hold.

Kayoom also delivered a very impressive speech mentioning how that all fighters deserves all the respect because of the dedication that has been put in every fight. He has not seens his new born daughter of 5 months for 5 weeks now. The ring side announcer ushered the victor Kayoom off to the locker room with a new nickname of "The Daddy" haha.

One of the many good hits that Kayoom gave.
Main Card Match 5: Leo Krishna vs Peter Davis (Win)

Perhaps one of the most cheered fight of the night which was also the one with the most impact, Leo dashed towards Peter Davis right after the bell sound and immediately gave a take down on Peter, he was caught off guard and went into full fighter mode there after. managing to defend against Leo's aggressive ground battle, Leo had great position on Peter but the crowd chanted Peter's name religiously and this sorta resulted in a reversal by Peter. But Leo was not surprised at all instead manage to create a dead lock with Peter on the ground.

As Leo was having the advantage is this dead lock with an arm bar coming, Peter manages to free his leg and goes for a series of drop kicks that landed on Leo's face delivering severe damage and forcing him to coil up and finally release Peter. Just when the fight was about to further heat up the referee declares a no contest and Peter was declared the winner via Referee Stoppage. The drops of Leo's face has delivered painful blows and even manage to cut up the his lips leaving it dangling there, it was a graphic sight for the audiences and Peter was not left unharmed as he TOO had a deep hole in his heel and was bleeding profusely. Peter with another win will be looking for one or two more matches before considering for a shot at a title match for the belt.

The Dead Lock
Main Card Match 6: Vuyisile Colossa vs Lowen Tynanes (Win)

The most exciting matcfh of the night, both fighters were specialists, exchanging punches and kicks as well as great take downs, both fighters used their best skills to each other. Colossa was on the downside in the first round where Lowen manages to land a rear naked choke on him but it was well defended by the south african but it was clear that damages were done.

In the second round however, Colossa game back with a great stand up game landing heavy strikes to Lowen that gave him a lot of damage as well, the fight was paused for a while for a med check on Lowen who receive a cut around his eyes. The fight was contiuued up to the 3rd round and with 30 seconds left, Lowen manges to subdue his formidable opponent with another choke hold and a tap out.

The final hold
Co Main Event Match 7: Rey Docyogen vs Shinichi Kojima (Win)

The flyweight contenders receives great cheers from the crowd at the beginning, properly giving each other return strikes and impresive ground battles. Both had moments that would have ended the match but Rey was the more dominant fighter of the match, it would seemed that Rey would emerges victorious with his momentum over the tired out Shinichi.

However in a blink of eye, Shiniche manages to convert to at advantagous position whilst on the ground with Rey and manages to perform a agility reversal on his opponent and stealing the win within secs of that reversal. Rey's defence was clearly caught off guard over this turn around.

Shinichi went crazy with his win and even jumped up to the top side of the ring for a winners showcase. He was clearly over joyed claiming the feeling to be "SAIKO" in Japanese which means the best! HE even said "terima kasih" to the crowd (surprising accurate pronounciation) which received cheers from the Malaysia audience. He is not to be forgotten that night.

The overwhelming quick reversal and choke 
Main Event Match: Eric Kelly vs Honorio Banario (Win)

The main match of the night, roars from the crowd shows that he was indeed loved by Malaysians though not a native Malaysia, Eric has adopted it to be his home and fights as Malaysian would.

The match was intense and it was a battle of wits, both fighters made explosive strikes towards each other but most were hit nothing but air, any of those hits would have tipped the balance of the match. Eric was somehow overly cautious with his movements even though there were times when he went in for the take down it was well defended by Honorio who showed everyone exactly why he was nick named"The Rock" !

The match was clearly a game of patience as both were waiting for the perfect attacking moment. At the beginning of the 4th round, Honorio was able to grasp Eric's tendency to attack his right flank and timed his strike perfectly! Just as Eric goes for another strike to Honorio's right, Honorio dodges and goes in for a great left hook that penetrated Eric's right arm defences and hits him in the right eye region along with his own fist. Eric stumbles and urges Honorio and the referee to call for a stop to the match, it seems that his previous injury might have been re-triggered as he seemed to be in much pain and fear of the eye.

It could have been phobia or it could have been old wounds surfacing, we shall wait for Eric to deliver a proper explanation soon enough.

It might not be the most exciting win of the night but Honorio deserves that belt in my opinion, he showed the crowd that he was no push over and was happy over the win.

Eric makes a great right arm block from one of Honorio's many kicks

After the match, Honorio was interviewed about his win and when asked if it was in his strategy to attack the weak spot which is the right eye or Eric, he denied and said it was not in his plan and he further shows that it was a proper left hook that finished the match when another member of the media asked for him to confirm a possible poke to the eye.

Honorio's interview
Overall, i really enjoyed the fights and the arrangement, the crowd were pleased most of the time but there are times where I was disappointed at the crowd when the booed the fighters due to the lack of action (pretty primitive thinking) where the fighters were clearly in a mental lock down between each other. This goes to show just how far we are from truly accepting MMA as a respectable sport.

I was also mildly annoyed with the "VIP's and Gold ticket holders for their continuous walking about that disrupted my view of the match, it was distracting and i was irritated, but these are some of the common traits of any other events.

Great job to One FC and it's partners for the great night and I would certainly be hoping to see more exhilarating fight and the continuous evolution of our own fighters as well.

Victor Cui, CEO of One FC also announced that the next event will be in Singapore 5th April, Titled One FC: Kings and Champions which features Shinya Aoki VS Kotetsu Boku with the Lightweight World Championship belt at stake! 

Be sure to like their facebook page for more info!


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