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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures 2013

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Title: Beautiful Creatures
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy / Romance
Running Time: 123 minutes

What's it about:-
A shut out town, A wild young man searching for something beyond the town and a mysterious new transfer student. Beautiful creatures develops into a fantasy love story that involves super natural powers and the trials that the new found lovers must face, against all odds.

What are my thoughts on the movie:-
First of all,
Let's NOT compare this movie to the likes of Twilight or any other such teenage romance novel turn movie exploits, though the similarities are pretty hard to miss. 

Beautiful Creatures, as romantic and graceful as the title sounds, falls short on engaging with it's lack of story telling and unorganized pace. Unavoidable cliches bombards the film as if the director and screenwriters felt that this is as far as the audience deserves.

To the fan girls delight, the film's face to face teasers between the two main cast is very much acceptable even though the flair seems to hit and miss on different occasions. 

The main casts brought forward a rather compelling performance, especially the male lead during the first half of the film but drops drastically towards the second half as the story shifts abruptly to the female lead, breaking what ever momentum the film was developing.

An over dosage of CG effects ruin the atmosphere of the film and at most of the them becomes laughable more so during the battle at the dining table. 

The film has it's brilliance every now and then but lacks the sufficient lines that draw each of them together. 

I do appreciate the several tributes the film tries to bring into the film. It seems that the book it was adapted from shares a much deeper and darker cloud over the whole story but was lost in translation during the production of the film, some many fans would feel to be a waste. 

The ending kinda dropped the ball, it would have been better without the last scene. 

Rating: 1/5

"It seems that Twilight has opened a door for such genre of films to dominate the hearts of young teen girls, Beautiful Creature is no exception to this although a love story base on magic is much better than one of the vampire, zombie and aliens" 

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