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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Movie Review: Flight 2012

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What's it about:-
Captain Whitaker, a regular season pilot of many airlines finds himself crash landing a plane saving 96 out of the 102 souls on board that plane. The media's hero, the survivor's hero, a devil to himself and a devil to the system. Whitaker is engulfed within the confinements of the real truth and the real right truth. 

What are my thoughts on the movie:-

Besides the well paced exhilarating scene leading to the plane's crash, the rest of the story continues being mundane, formally paced and finally ended with a very unconvincing confession.

The pacing of the story although mundane and lacking of the usual crying and screaming of a protagonist in pain brings out the best of the character in the story and played well by Denzel Washington. Keeping in something that you have long hope to admit is not something easy to portray so perhaps Denzel had his own encounters on similar cases. 

Kelly Reilly portrays Nicole (Whitaker's love interest) quite nicely as a drug addict and someone who wants a way out, she does have her way around the scenes quite an interesting charm to her acting. 

The film is compelling in a very unique way as it would come as a slow paced and repetitive to many but it bonds well with the many audiences that it hoped to capture and something like this would probably work best in the cinema or to someone who has absolutely nothing better to do. 

In the end, would you sympathize with a hero who does many wrongs but rights it in the most miraculous ways or would you side on the system that puts it's trust in the public. Whether or not it was the captain's fault or "an act of God" , it got off at the worst possible footing for anyone. 

Do keep in mind even though many scenes are not suitable for children HECK the film itself would be too boring for any child. (censors won't be able to cut everything out)

Scenes worth mentioning:-
"There was a scene where a mini bottle of alcohol was snatched, it's impact and timing was enough to bring the film to it's final moments."

Something else:-
Quite sure the movie made a good sum of money from the alcohol sponsors. 

Censorship:- *important
The censored scenes at the beginning of the movie in Malaysia cinemas took away a few important character relationships such as Whitaker and his family's condition as well as his relationship with Trini the Flight attendant. So it's better to watch the uncensored version available on DVD and download.

Rating: 3/5

"A drama at best, great lead actor supported by a cast that does not try to shine brighter than they should and accompanied some nice film shooting"

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