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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Movie Review: Cloud Atlas 2012

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What's it about:-
A journey that surpasses the time paradox and exhibits great lengths in reincarnations, destiny, oppression, karma through the many actions that one take in one's life and on to the other. How somethings affect the past, present and future in more ways than one and how it brings out the best and worst of us all.

What are my thoughts on the movie:-
Cloud Atlast at last in Malaysia

The film was impressive at the very least.

Seeing the mentions of this movie and the tease (non visual) that I have been hearing since last year, I gave my respects to this film by quietly waiting for it's arrival in Malaysia's theater. Not a glimpse on the net, not a peak at the trailers. 

The movie started off with flashy cut scenes from one narrative end to another, from one perspective to another, most people at this time would experience what many would vulgarly called "mindf**k" or mildly referred to as " down right confused", my concerns at this time was that were there simply putting too many elements in it and would it ultimately ruin the film and it's concept? The answer was "No" as I discovered mid-way.

Entertaining pacing of the film, the plot unfolds leaving certain queries answered while bringing newer fresher more bold questions, the film was brave in it's exploration but easily confused thus making it a risky gamble to make such a movie but it pulled through.

A great line-up of actors that somehow seemed insufficient in numbers but was cleverly and astonishingly planned out and utilized to create what I would dare say for myself, one of the best casting and accumulated acting performances for a looong looong time. 

A graceful yet exciting music score accompanying the film backed by a well planned design and CG effect that illuminates some of the wonderful landscapes and cityscapes that complements and not overwhelm a good film. The make-up and costume designers deserves a standing ovation over their work as you will see later on in the credits just why I would comment that. 

It was an enjoyable and great watch as I see the film as exploring both the philosophical side of current, past and future issues as well as some of the most loved film genres of all time such as humor, action, drama and thriller. Touching or rather just grazing on the issues such as environments and oppression  or perhaps I am reading and dissecting too much into it. 

The best way to enjoy this film is to take the ride it provides and pick up on the different stories as which strikes an understanding and which supports those reasoning. 

It is most advisable to catch this in the cinemas unless you have great surround sounds and projector to boot because it requires the best of your attention to make it so much more worth your time. 

My only complain to the film is that I felt that the concept was not fresh but was probably done the best as I would have seen, and it lack the inspiring moments in which one likes to search in such film.

There are of course plot holes but most would be overlooked

Rating: 4.5/5

"Perhaps the most fascinating part of the film was it's flow to navigate through a series of different stories and the different characters portrayed by each of the casts"

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