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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

JOHNNIE WALKER® Showcases A Taste Of Circuit Lounge 2013

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As the annual racing circuits begins, it is with tradition that Johnnie Walker starts up it's Black Circuit Lounge pimped with the exclusive and sophisticated flavours of Circuit Lounge are brought to life in original JOHNNIE WALKER® cocktails.

I was fortunate enough to get a sneak preview of the sophisticated and bold JOHNNIE WALKER® cocktails, one of the highlights of this highly anticipated event, took place through a whisky mentoring and cocktail-making demonstration :). 

It was a great pleasure to have JOHNNIE WALKER® Global Brand Ambassador, Tom Jones to have made a rare appearance in Kuala Lumpur to take guests through a flavour journey of the JOHNNIE WALKER® Deluxe whisky range, including BLACK LABEL®, DOUBLE BLACK™ and GOLD LABEL RESERVE™ as a precursor to the cocktail making.

Tom Jones spoke with much enthusiasm as he brings us through each of the featured whisky :-

JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK LABEL™- the iconic bottle, one of the most loved in Malaysia.

JOHNNIE WALKER® DOUBLE BLACK™- the full bodied, smoky intensity of the worldwide hit.

JOHNNIE WALKER® GOLD LABEL RESERVE™.- the luxuriously smooth, honeyed and creamy notes of the celebration blend.

For those who are not familiar with the JOHNNIE WALKER® Black Circuit Lounge Party, CIRCUIT LOUNGE offers a holistic luxury race party experience where even our drinks are given meticulous attention to detail, with an international team of mixologists coming together to produce the new creations on offer during CIRCUIT LOUNGE for the delight of our guests. 

Malaysia is not unfamiliar to JOHNNIE WALKER®, but through new and provocative cocktails serves our local consumers can experience their favourite whisky flavours like they never have before as shared by Charles James Wright, Senior Brand Manager of JOHNNIE WALKER®.

Through a great deal of tasting and painstaking effort to create the perfect cocktail, 3 were born each from one of the featured whisky and each deserves to be in a class on it's own. :)

I had the opportunity to personally try out the recipe as well as enjoy the drinks myself. 

We tried our all three of the recipe and each of them made a pretty strong impression on me. 

JOHNNIE WALKER® BLACK LABEL™ cocktail, aptly named ‘Circuit Lounge’, will be taking centre-stage. A sweet based mix that gives out a good scent of honey, it is gentle and a delight for those who enjoy the occasionally stuffing of yummy desserts.

Peat Perfect would have to be my personal favorite amongst the three, the new Double Black cocktail that contrasts the intense smoky flavours of this bold blend with the bitter-sweetness of grapefruit accompanied but a faint citrus taste. 

The smooth JOHNNIE WALKER® GOLD LABEL RESERVE™ signature cocktail, Fresh Gold, served in a celebratory champagne flute, as the perfect end to the evening. It's sourish nature gives a perfect jolt to get ready for an evening to good times :).

It was indeed a great experience being mentored to enjoy the taste of such good blends of whisky and the chance to make my own cocktail was gold. 

The JOHNNIE WALKER® CIRCUIT LOUNGE, Malaysia’s signature race week party, will take place on 23rd March, 2013. For details, please visit the JOHNNIE WALKER® Malaysia Facebook page at

The exclusive JOHNNIE WALKER® cocktails will be available at JOHNNIE WALKER CIRCUIT LOUNGE and JOHNNIE WALKER® CIRCUIT NIGHTS throughout the year.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Don't Lose It All, Time To Get Data, The Moment Of Truth Is Here!

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The story between Nick, Amy and Joe is an interesting one so here is episode 3 from the previous two posts I shared about this unusual data love story. :)

Nick made Amy a promise but he suddenly disappeared. Amy tried holding on as much as she could and then there’s Joe. But now, Nick is back, could this be the end? 

Seems like it's not going be a good end to at least one of them, things change when we are not around. It's better to always make time to keep in touch. Even a short message, but sometimes situations are different just like this. No matter what, having constant data is the best way to keep in touch in our fast moving, multimedia era. 

Catch the latest episode

The other two episodes can be found in the links below:- (episode 1) 2)

After all that we’ve seen in the long distance relationship between Amy and Nick and the love Joe had for Amy, it’s obvious that keeping in touch is so important.

"A quick check on Facebook on your loved one’s wall or a tweet on your latest makes a world of difference. The online memento you have with each other could be the relationship doctor you needed. Every smiling moment is a moment worth documenting and saving. " 
So it’s always important to fuel up on data to constantly stay connected with our loved one to maintain an amazing relationship.

So dial *128#, pick a pack and get data now!

To get more info or view all the videos, check out:


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures 2013

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Title: Beautiful Creatures
Language: English
Genre: Fantasy / Romance
Running Time: 123 minutes

What's it about:-
A shut out town, A wild young man searching for something beyond the town and a mysterious new transfer student. Beautiful creatures develops into a fantasy love story that involves super natural powers and the trials that the new found lovers must face, against all odds.

What are my thoughts on the movie:-
First of all,
Let's NOT compare this movie to the likes of Twilight or any other such teenage romance novel turn movie exploits, though the similarities are pretty hard to miss. 

Beautiful Creatures, as romantic and graceful as the title sounds, falls short on engaging with it's lack of story telling and unorganized pace. Unavoidable cliches bombards the film as if the director and screenwriters felt that this is as far as the audience deserves.

To the fan girls delight, the film's face to face teasers between the two main cast is very much acceptable even though the flair seems to hit and miss on different occasions. 

The main casts brought forward a rather compelling performance, especially the male lead during the first half of the film but drops drastically towards the second half as the story shifts abruptly to the female lead, breaking what ever momentum the film was developing.

An over dosage of CG effects ruin the atmosphere of the film and at most of the them becomes laughable more so during the battle at the dining table. 

The film has it's brilliance every now and then but lacks the sufficient lines that draw each of them together. 

I do appreciate the several tributes the film tries to bring into the film. It seems that the book it was adapted from shares a much deeper and darker cloud over the whole story but was lost in translation during the production of the film, some many fans would feel to be a waste. 

The ending kinda dropped the ball, it would have been better without the last scene. 

Rating: 1/5

"It seems that Twilight has opened a door for such genre of films to dominate the hearts of young teen girls, Beautiful Creature is no exception to this although a love story base on magic is much better than one of the vampire, zombie and aliens" 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

HTC ONE packs great hardware and a splendid Array of software all in a shiny design

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HTC decides to pull a first blood a week ahead of the Mobile World Congress with the new HTC One!

Crafted with a distinct zero-gap aluminium unibody, the new HTC One introduces HTC BlinkFeed™, HTC Zoe™ and HTC BoomSound™, key new HTC Sense® innovations that reinvent the mobile experience and set a new standard for smartphones.

The Specs for the HTC ONE is an impressive piece:-
  • SIZE: 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3mm/4mm (max/min)
  • WEIGHT: 143 grams with battery
  • DISPLAY: 4.7 inch, Full HD 1080p, 468 PPI
  • CPU: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600, quad-core, 1.7GHz
  • TOTAL STORAGE: 32GB/64GB, available capacity varies
  • RAM: 2GB DDR2
  • CAMERA: Ultrapixel Camera (TBC)
While the spec sheet seems to wow it's audiences at the time being, it is almost certain that a new and better spec sheet will soon arrive during the MWC 2013. 

HTC knows this all TOO well and strikes where they have been very much consider a veteran part of the field. The HTC ONE will be introducing a few new variants of HTC's proud software development. 

Here is a brief summary of what to expect:-

HTC BlinkFeed™ 
- A feed update that brings the information right to the homescreen to create a knowledge portal that is available even when you turn on the phone.

HTC Zoe™ supported by HTC Ultrapixel camera
- The best of HTC's camera yet, HTC Zoe is a new layout of photoalbums that 3 second snippets of those pictures to bring out a unique and stylish experience.

HTC BoomSound™
- Brings out the party in you! Two frontal speakers boost by the HTC ONE gurantees a rocking good time. 

HTC Sense TV™ (probably won't be available in Malaysia)
- Transforms the new HTC One into an interactive program guide and remote control for most TVs, set-top boxes and receivers.

Sense 5.0
- An all new sense User interface that smooths out the access and makes it clean cut.

The rest of this can be explained by the video below.

Final words:-
I am really looking forward to trying this out and it will be packing a punch. Just a little bit disappointed at the pack that it is a snapdragon 600 instead of 800. but you can't have it all so good luck to those getting it! :)



Movie Review: Flight 2012

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What's it about:-
Captain Whitaker, a regular season pilot of many airlines finds himself crash landing a plane saving 96 out of the 102 souls on board that plane. The media's hero, the survivor's hero, a devil to himself and a devil to the system. Whitaker is engulfed within the confinements of the real truth and the real right truth. 

What are my thoughts on the movie:-

Besides the well paced exhilarating scene leading to the plane's crash, the rest of the story continues being mundane, formally paced and finally ended with a very unconvincing confession.

The pacing of the story although mundane and lacking of the usual crying and screaming of a protagonist in pain brings out the best of the character in the story and played well by Denzel Washington. Keeping in something that you have long hope to admit is not something easy to portray so perhaps Denzel had his own encounters on similar cases. 

Kelly Reilly portrays Nicole (Whitaker's love interest) quite nicely as a drug addict and someone who wants a way out, she does have her way around the scenes quite an interesting charm to her acting. 

The film is compelling in a very unique way as it would come as a slow paced and repetitive to many but it bonds well with the many audiences that it hoped to capture and something like this would probably work best in the cinema or to someone who has absolutely nothing better to do. 

In the end, would you sympathize with a hero who does many wrongs but rights it in the most miraculous ways or would you side on the system that puts it's trust in the public. Whether or not it was the captain's fault or "an act of God" , it got off at the worst possible footing for anyone. 

Do keep in mind even though many scenes are not suitable for children HECK the film itself would be too boring for any child. (censors won't be able to cut everything out)

Scenes worth mentioning:-
"There was a scene where a mini bottle of alcohol was snatched, it's impact and timing was enough to bring the film to it's final moments."

Something else:-
Quite sure the movie made a good sum of money from the alcohol sponsors. 

Censorship:- *important
The censored scenes at the beginning of the movie in Malaysia cinemas took away a few important character relationships such as Whitaker and his family's condition as well as his relationship with Trini the Flight attendant. So it's better to watch the uncensored version available on DVD and download.

Rating: 3/5

"A drama at best, great lead actor supported by a cast that does not try to shine brighter than they should and accompanied some nice film shooting"

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Movie Review: Cloud Atlas 2012

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What's it about:-
A journey that surpasses the time paradox and exhibits great lengths in reincarnations, destiny, oppression, karma through the many actions that one take in one's life and on to the other. How somethings affect the past, present and future in more ways than one and how it brings out the best and worst of us all.

What are my thoughts on the movie:-
Cloud Atlast at last in Malaysia

The film was impressive at the very least.

Seeing the mentions of this movie and the tease (non visual) that I have been hearing since last year, I gave my respects to this film by quietly waiting for it's arrival in Malaysia's theater. Not a glimpse on the net, not a peak at the trailers. 

The movie started off with flashy cut scenes from one narrative end to another, from one perspective to another, most people at this time would experience what many would vulgarly called "mindf**k" or mildly referred to as " down right confused", my concerns at this time was that were there simply putting too many elements in it and would it ultimately ruin the film and it's concept? The answer was "No" as I discovered mid-way.

Entertaining pacing of the film, the plot unfolds leaving certain queries answered while bringing newer fresher more bold questions, the film was brave in it's exploration but easily confused thus making it a risky gamble to make such a movie but it pulled through.

A great line-up of actors that somehow seemed insufficient in numbers but was cleverly and astonishingly planned out and utilized to create what I would dare say for myself, one of the best casting and accumulated acting performances for a looong looong time. 

A graceful yet exciting music score accompanying the film backed by a well planned design and CG effect that illuminates some of the wonderful landscapes and cityscapes that complements and not overwhelm a good film. The make-up and costume designers deserves a standing ovation over their work as you will see later on in the credits just why I would comment that. 

It was an enjoyable and great watch as I see the film as exploring both the philosophical side of current, past and future issues as well as some of the most loved film genres of all time such as humor, action, drama and thriller. Touching or rather just grazing on the issues such as environments and oppression  or perhaps I am reading and dissecting too much into it. 

The best way to enjoy this film is to take the ride it provides and pick up on the different stories as which strikes an understanding and which supports those reasoning. 

It is most advisable to catch this in the cinemas unless you have great surround sounds and projector to boot because it requires the best of your attention to make it so much more worth your time. 

My only complain to the film is that I felt that the concept was not fresh but was probably done the best as I would have seen, and it lack the inspiring moments in which one likes to search in such film.

There are of course plot holes but most would be overlooked

Rating: 4.5/5

"Perhaps the most fascinating part of the film was it's flow to navigate through a series of different stories and the different characters portrayed by each of the casts"

Sunday, February 17, 2013

What I expect to hear at the Nuffnang 6th Birthday Bash! (2013)

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Can't believe it's been a year since the last Nuffnang Birthday bash.

Looking at the blogpost I wrote last year

I guess a lot of things has changed, most obvious my weight. :'(

Looks like they are going for that "Bring Your Own Music" style, cause we are asked to compile a playlist of the 5 songs we want to hear being played at the party.

Drama Review : Yuusha Yoshihiko to Maou no Shiro (Jap) 12 Episodes [Streaming Links]

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General Details:- 
  • Title: 勇者ヨシヒコと魔王の城
  • Title (romaji): Yuusha Yoshihiko to Maou no Shiro
  • Genre: Dragon Quest (Adventure/Fantasy) Comedy
  • Episodes: 12
  • Run time: 20mins ++ Per Episode
The story is set in old times where villages and towns are made of wood and stones, a plague threatens the lives of the people and a dark king is set to rule them all. Monsters and bandits infests the forests and paths giving trouble to everyone.

A chosen Yuusha (Hero) is chosen to save them, as he journeys he is paired up with a party of warriors and mages as he seeks to detroy the dark king at his castle.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Movie Review: Journey To The West: Conquering Demons 西游: 降魔篇

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What's it about:-
For those who are not familiar with Journery To The West, it is a chinese folktale story of Gods and Demons. An adventure tale that has become a common word between many people from it's great story telling to it's moral values and teaching of the buddha. 

Journey To The West: Conquering Demons is a twist plot film to the original and like many others that have done the same thing, This movie tells the tale of Xuan Zhang before his enlightenment and before he started his journet to the Budha in the best to attain full enlightenment. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

One FC: Return Of Warrior, Personal Match Review and Experience


Introduction of the fighters during the opening period
Despite the sweltering heat spell that KL is under yesterday, crowds awaited eagerly for the state of the night's event at Stadium Putra which is the One FC: Return Of Warrior fights.

The crowd were of all sorts ranging from MMA enthusiasts to those who have never experienced a live fight or even witnessing a MMA fight before. It was a great night with loads of action and the spirits of the fighters lifts the air to woo the crowd with passion and heart.

This was probably my first time experiencing a high level MMA event such as this and it was a great experience, Stadium Putra was well planned out to house the event and I do not see any discomfort to the audiences as the seats were comfortable and ventilation and air conditioning was in good condition. Perhaps the only that I would be looking forward to next round would be an even more eruptful audiences as MMA and ONE FC is still at an early stage in Malaysia.

On to the matches, every match had it's moments and all fighters showed great heart and sportsmanship in their fight, delivering of what is to be a great night in MMA fashion.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Video: Special Guest At Samsung Ecobubble™ Commercial Shoot

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You might have stumbled across this cute video on youtube somewhere during the late nights where you are sucked into the wormhole of the internet. 

The beginning of the video seemed pretty believable then it went into a cuter comical version, i find it quite smart in a way and it does brings out the curiosity about the shown product.

So with the help of the internet, I've dug deeper into the product and found out some pretty interesting facts about it.

The product is a washing machine (obviously) and it is equipped with the Samsung’s ecobubble™ technology which does not seem to tell anything about the product YET!

I might not be the BEST person to talk about chores but I DO share my contributions when it comes to laundry-ing and cooking in the household. 

The main feature for this washing machine would be the energy saving feature which is done quite uniquely with a bubble generator that helps to dissolve soap powders and detergents much quicker and faster. Doing this also reduces the amount of heat needed for the water to dissolve all the material. Less heat = less energy used.

For the benefit of those who are unaware, clothes are best washed with cool water instead of warm water to avoid unnecessary shrinkage and clothing material being expanded. The faster the detergent/powder dissolves also reduces the cycles needed to be done as well, a normal washing machines uses about 3-4 (12 Minute) cycle to complete your laundry. The Samsung ecobubble™ could possibly reduce that to half depending on the laundry load. 

The product is conveniently time/cost saving and eco- friendly at the same time, it would be a good thing for people to start to adopt more eco-friendly appliances as it does have it's benefits in the long run.

My only concern would be the pricing of each product, would we be able to see a good price range for these products as I believe it will be more beneficial and impressive for the brand owner to be able to accommodate people from all income categories to adopt this technology for a better world :)

You can check out the product yourself via this link :).

ONE FC and Malaysia: What future does ONE FC have in Malaysia?

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If you are unfamiliar with ONE FC or MMA, a brief and easy introduction is available on it's main website which for you convenience will be pasted here.

ONE Fighting Championship is Asia's largest mixed martial arts event. ONE FC features the best Asian fighters and the largest pan-Asian media broadcast to over 28 countries in Asia. 
Mixed martial arts (MMA) is the fastest growing sport in the world today. In true Darwinian fashion, the sport of MMA allows for any martial arts style to compete against any martial arts style in the most free of artistic expressions for martial artists. MMA athletes utilize the best techniques from any and all martial arts in order to compete standing up or on the ground. 
Whether it is Karate, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Silat, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Kali, Shuai Jiao, Aikido, or other martial arts, Asia has been the birthplace and home of martial arts for the last 5,000 years. Mixed martial arts (MMA) is the most exciting evolution in centuries and is the future of martial arts. It combines the excitement of a prize fight, the athleticism of the Olympics, the tradition of martial arts, and the adrenaline of a rock concert. 
ONE Fighting Championship aims to host the most exciting MMA fights in Asia, featuring the top Asian fighters -
You could even say that it's the royal rumble of all fighting styles in the world, bare-fisted  manly brawls.

The person here is Victor Cui, the CEO and Owner of ONE FC. A very enthusiastic man of his age, Victor decided to have a chat over dinner with fellow medias and bloggers to share his visions and thoughts about this phenomena that is evolving rapidly at present time.

The future of MMA in Malaysia

Atop of the things he shared with us one portion caught my attention and I would have to nod in agreement, which slowly allowed me to envision how MMA is going to be like in the next few years.

Claiming that MMA is still at it's early stage and that it is still in the phase where people still need exposure and education to this sport. This point was quite obvious as many have yet to experience the intensity and the atmosphere during live matches and it was an eye opening experience for me back in 2011 during the Ultimate cage match at Sunway Pyramid. Since then, MMA caught my attention and I might not be the expert in the game but it always gets me excited to watch them battle it out in the ring.

He also added that MMA is a very massive sport because it has all the touch point any popular sports needs which includes being good on TV, promo friendly, and emotional attachments.

In a more straight forward manner, this means that MMA gives the excitement that fans of sports would love to be part of, from the cheering of their favorite fighters to picking up a good one two move in the gym too.

All the points he shared gives a pretty exciting view of the future of this sport in Malaysia and all across Asia as well. So I am definitely looking forward to MMA being one of the sports that can stay.

Support for Fighters

It has come to no surprise that Malaysia has many fighters eager to take it to the ring but how many of them would go far and not give up in the middle as we all know many athletes tend to drop out due to the burden of their own future.

Victor mentioned that ONE FC is constantly looking for great fighters with an intention to stay and be great, and of course there are also fighters like Peter Davis who is unique due to his background of being a model, an actor as well as a singer (in local movie- Sell Out) claiming that Peter has a very interesting game when it comes to MMA and the fact that he is in a weight class that houses many ferocious contenders has the potential to spotlight MMA as a sport that many would love to be a part of.

ONE FC has been providing lots of media support for the fighters of the coming ONE FC: Return of Warrior, with workshops and tv interviews, radio interviews and lots of highlights in the local media. A year back, if these fighters were walking down the streets of KL people would not recognize them but now there will be a few who would recognize them as fighters so I guess this gives them a motivation boost as well!

Victor Cui gave me the impression of a generous yet hungry man, a man with a hunger to bring out his passion and show it to the world and ONE FC is his baby that will start and sustain his legacy in years to come and with his hands on attitude and his out going personality, it's safe to say that this wont be just an ordinary investment.  With the passion one could see in him, ONE FC and it's fighter will be in good hands.

A word from Loren Mack (Senior Manager, PR & Communications for ONE FC)

I manage to drop a question to Loren as well before we say goodbye for the night.

The question was : "Has our Malaysian government been showing support in promoting the sport? Are they any tie-ins to further developed the sport within our nation?"

(The nature of this question is important as it helps gave a sense of security for the fighters and the fans about future events and careers as well, much like how we excel in Badminton and Squash. Are our talents being recognized.)

To my disappointment, Loren answered with a "not yet, but we are looking forward to getting the government bodies especially the sports association into it soon enough."

Loren is a very positively driven man so I am going to take his word for it!

It was a good night of food and chat and it further excites me for the matches this Saturday at Stadium Putra!

Head over to my previous post with all the information about this Saturday!

I would like to end this post with a sentence that I couldn't have agreed more from fellow blogger and MMA enthusiast Tony Teh.
"Knowing Malaysians as a Malaysian myself, most of us wouldn't take anyone seriously until that person's knocking on the door really hard with an opportunity to bring pride to the nation.-
This is very true statement, most of us would not give a damn about anything or anyone unless we either make it to the international news or when we do have a chance and making the country famous.

For MMA (or anything else for that matter) Malaysia always needs a hero that brings results, I guess we are just like that.

You can read about Tony's insight of our meet up with Victor in his blogpost via this link.

Which Malaysian is closest to a ONE FC title shot? by Tony Teh

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