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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We Love Asia 2013 with Steve Aoki and RedFoo N Party Rock Crew

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We Love Asia continues the Rave weekend I had right after Swedish House Mafia, with a dozen of local and international acts. Ravers and party goers treated themselves to a weekend full of the craziest acts and the most epic times.

I have to say that the organizers did a good job moderating traffic and providing a good sounds system for the performances and with such a big venue everyone was allowed to party as much as they want!

Came for Redfoo with his party rock crew and the king of stage diver, Steve Aoki. It went balistic when they came on.

But first here is a collection of pictures of the worst quality, dark skies + front camera. We tried our best :P

Redfoo and the party rock crew came out and stunned the crowd with a brilliant performance! 

The most memorable one would be the Sexy and I know it strip show :P. Awesome showmanship right there!

AS everyone was on a high the much anticipated highlight of the night, Steve Aoki crashed out on the sets and unleashed his noise pounder booming us to kingdom come.

Rushed by his crowd surfing boat, golden Champagne showers and notorious cake throw, everyone enjoyed the whole night and it was really an honor to finally get to see Steve live and he didn't disappoint! :)

Here are two magnificent group shots to end the posts!

Last two picture credit to We Love Asia Facebook page

Good Job We Love Asia team and I hope you guys will bring better DJs and acts for another awesome rave event!

1 comment :

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