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Friday, February 1, 2013

Video: Special Guest At Samsung Ecobubble™ Commercial Shoot

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You might have stumbled across this cute video on youtube somewhere during the late nights where you are sucked into the wormhole of the internet. 

The beginning of the video seemed pretty believable then it went into a cuter comical version, i find it quite smart in a way and it does brings out the curiosity about the shown product.

So with the help of the internet, I've dug deeper into the product and found out some pretty interesting facts about it.

The product is a washing machine (obviously) and it is equipped with the Samsung’s ecobubble™ technology which does not seem to tell anything about the product YET!

I might not be the BEST person to talk about chores but I DO share my contributions when it comes to laundry-ing and cooking in the household. 

The main feature for this washing machine would be the energy saving feature which is done quite uniquely with a bubble generator that helps to dissolve soap powders and detergents much quicker and faster. Doing this also reduces the amount of heat needed for the water to dissolve all the material. Less heat = less energy used.

For the benefit of those who are unaware, clothes are best washed with cool water instead of warm water to avoid unnecessary shrinkage and clothing material being expanded. The faster the detergent/powder dissolves also reduces the cycles needed to be done as well, a normal washing machines uses about 3-4 (12 Minute) cycle to complete your laundry. The Samsung ecobubble™ could possibly reduce that to half depending on the laundry load. 

The product is conveniently time/cost saving and eco- friendly at the same time, it would be a good thing for people to start to adopt more eco-friendly appliances as it does have it's benefits in the long run.

My only concern would be the pricing of each product, would we be able to see a good price range for these products as I believe it will be more beneficial and impressive for the brand owner to be able to accommodate people from all income categories to adopt this technology for a better world :)

You can check out the product yourself via this link :).

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selling washing machine? haha~

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