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Monday, January 21, 2013

Swedish House Mafia Live At Sunway Surf Beach with video clip #OneLastTour


After announcing their split mid of last year and an one last tour announcement, we were fortunate enough to be selected as one of the venues for this final epic show. Kuala Lumpur has finally made it's mark up there with the EDMs finest places but we still have million of miles to go in terms of organizing and this was very obvious as the organizers of this JS Concert had been a true let down when it comes to organizing raves.

Last minute cancellation of raves, the lax attitude of crowd control, irresponsible time management (set started 30mins earlier) and the weak ability to mange it's social media page when confronted with a crisis but luckily most of these seem insignificant when Swedish House Mafia lit up the stage.

The X zone was already packed when I got there, but we managed to squeeze in and it was one heck of EDM ride!

Thank you XPAX for the awesome X Zone pass, please give me more! :)

Opened by DJ Nikki, Mr. Fluff and DJ Eclipse, the Swedish House Mafia set was somehow 30 mins earlier which caused me to missed the epic "We Come, We Rave, We Love" opening accompanied by Greyhound, can't describe how disappointed I was about this. Again, faulty organizing.

Ripping some of their best and the greatest mix of all time, Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell and Steve Angelo blasted the skies of Sunway Surf beach and one seem to care about the constant drizzle. That's how crazy we were!

Raves are things that you can never experience fully unless your are there in the middle of it, the overwhelming hype around you will sweep you along if you are one of those that enjoy such music and each set will be etched in your mind, each one is an irreplaceable experience. 

Awesome pictures by Andy Kho right here! 

I shall leave you all with a short video I recorded and uploaded.


Henry Lee said...

it was a fun rave la although i missed the opening and it rained a little...

Unknown said...

I missed the opening T__T

Anne Lee said...

hah? started earlier? malaysia timing should b an hour later.

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