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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Movies: MAMA (2013)

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What's it about:-
Due to some freakish incident, two girls were left to survive alone in the forest with an entity that seems to take care of them all the time. When being found five years later by the brother of the two girl's father, they were being re educated into living and adapting like human beings but something else followed them back. 

What are my thoughts on the movie:-
By mixing in the a blend of cheap loud scares and a mysterious figure, the movie presents itself in a creepy fashion that many would find hard to digest.

Relying too much on loud noises kinda took away that eerie vibe that it channeled at the early parts of the movie and later unfolds into a nothing more than a rushed ending.

It is scary up to a certain point and then after you have seen the face of MAMA one too many times, it becomes redundant and all you want to do was it to end. Which it DID, but in the most unconvincing and rushed out fashion that many horror flicks tend to do nowadays. 

The film itself with it's script had a good potential but fails to bring it to the big screens as a compelling story because it becomes predictable from mid film onwards. 

Rating: 1.5/5

"It's a fail proof horror flick with a creepy spirit and distorted children and adding in the proper sounds scares and you get girls jumping off their seats and guys squirming in their chairs. But after that you feel nothing but the image of the wild child crawling around." 

PS. the movie kinda reminded me of a thai crap film i watched last year. 

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