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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mcdonald's Malaysia Prosperity Gives Back – A Weekend of Sharing with McDonald’s

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McDonald’s to raise funds for local charity homes with the help of caring Malaysians

It doesn't come as a surprise to many that McDonald is once again taking the lead in giving back to the community, this year around banking on the success of it's annual Prosperity meal. 

This time around 

  • McDonald’s will be raising proceeds for more than 60 local charity homes on 19th and 20th January 2013.
  • RM1 will be donated to the ‘Prosperity Gives Back’ campaign with every purchase of a Prosperity Meal.
  • ‘PROSPERITY’ is Happiness, Friendship, Love, Satisfaction, Peace, Abundance, Sharing, Family, Affection and Joy. 

In conjunction with the nationwide campaign, McDonald’s revealed radio announcers Phat Fabes (Fly FM), Leya (HotFM) and Nichoas Ong (OneFM) as the faces for this year’s Prosperity Gives Back charity drive.

As spokespeople, the radio announcers will not only share their experience of PROSPERITY and the values that stand for it with Malaysians nationwide – on January 19th and 20th, they will all be at McDonald’s Kota Damansara Drive-Thru from 11:00am onwards to serve Malaysians as volunteers and happiliy joined by local celebrities such as Dennis Lau, Chelsia Ng and Julie Woon and followed by several familiar bloggers that are more than keen to participate in this campaign.

When asked ask as to what was the motivation for such a campaign, Sarah Casanova the managing director of Mcdonald's Malaysia AND Singapore says:- 
“McDonald’s has always stood by giving back to those in need and bringing benefit to local communities in all our operations worldwide. Throughout our 31 years in Malaysia, we have undertaken many community outreach initiatives that have benefited various communities. Prosperity Gives Back marks the first 2013 community initiative by McDonald’s to touch as many lives, as far reaching as possible across the nation,” said Sarah Casanova,

“We want to enable caring Malaysians to spread and share prosperity with those in need while enjoying their favourite peppery treat because one of the key values of PROSPERITY is sharing. ‘Prosperity Gives Back’ gives us that opportunity to do so. It does not only spread joy amongst the disadvantaged that shall be receiving but it will also give a great satisfaction to those who will be giving,” She added. 

There are two ways that you can support this cause:-

1. On the 19th and 20th January, head out to Mcdonald's and order a properity meal, it's also available at the drive through and even the delivery service as well. You can even tag #mcdpgb on instagram with your meal to show your support :)

2. Log on to and share you stories of encouragement and inspiration in hopes to motivating the next individual in line!

Do stop by the Mutiara Damansara branch and show your support too if you are nearby because A few fellow bloggers and I will be showing our support behind the counters of Mcdonald's :)

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