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Friday, January 25, 2013

Home Tuition Made Easy, Nightmares No More

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Remember those times that even after school you would also be ushered to another place that feels just like school? Those notorious tuition centres that serves it's only purpose as sucking additional cost for the same kind of knowledge they are teaching you in school.

Not sure how many of them are still around but I can clearly see many high flying signboards amongst our cityscapes, those packed classes of sometimes maybe a hundred students. A single tutor that seems to just shout at you and make sure you do those mountains of extra work just so your could score in whatever exams you were studying on. You all know what I mean.

You are always sleeping in the car before the tuition centre hoping for a phone call that it will be canceled and only to find out that it needs to be replaced. (you are paying for it anyways) It's bad enough your parents get stuck in the jam to work every single day and they get stuck in the jam to send you to and fro too, it's quite a heavy burden for everyone even if you DO have the money no? 

You never have enough time for anything, life was school, packed lunch, tuition centre, packed dinner, tuition centre and bed. (For the really extreme ones) Most of the time you are staring at books outside of home and rushing left, right, centre for everything.

Most of the trouble about going to tuition centres are:-

  • Huge amount of students in a class
  • Traffic
  • Stay home time
This is where Home Tuition rings a bell, and at this day and age of internet portals you should try out that aggregates many home tutors for your selection.

This in turns saves time and you will be able to get your kids at home most of the time. A personal touch with  about the same amount of tuition fee. You will be able to concentrate better as well.

Looking through the site and checking out it's tutor database, it's quite certain that there are quite a number of Quality tutors that can be found and it will be great if they are nearby your area.

The other interesting thing about this portal is that it also comes with tutors for other activities such as piano and football. It could really be a good balance of sports and academic tutoring for your child or yourself as well :)

Here is a video to sum things up with

It's also great to know that this is available in Singapore as well so you can be sure to cross check and see how the quality of tutors are cross nation. :)

Here is the link to their site and you can start searching and enquiring now! :)

But i actually hope they could at least do a bit of quality control on the tutor pictures though :) It's not that professional. 

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Unknown said...

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