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Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't Lose It All. Time To Get Data. Teaser

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Remember that video i shared a few weeks back? With that weird love (could be) love triangle thing happening?

The full story is unfolding soon on the 18th of Jan 2013!

Amy has been facing her frustrations badly because Nick hasn’t been replying. 

These are obviously the consequences of being in a long distance relationship – but of course they’re both aware of that. However, in this day of age, we have DATA – so where did they go wrong? 

Now that Nick has been away for sometime, is Amy moving on? But whose ring is that? 

There seemed to many things going on as you might see in the teaser trailer below, could this turn out to be a story rivalling the infamous Twilight?

Long Distance Relationship can be poisonous and not many survive it, let's hope the story comes out to be one that acts as the serum for LDR! 

Data could truly save them all! 



Check the links above and let's hope it turns out to be a happy ending and no one dies T.T

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