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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Carlsberg Malaysia ushers in Lunar New Year with Bountiful 'Tree of Abundance’

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I have been actively involve in various events organized and/or sponsored by Carlsberg Malaysia throughout 2012 and directly into 2013, I have always been impressed by that positive vibe that their events manage to reflect. It shows a lot of personal warmth to it's user and to a frequent alcohol consumer such as myself.

After all, the core value of drinking good beer is to be happy and to bond fellowships. (your emo self loathing drinking alone session isn't quite in that category though :P)

Probably my first CNY campaign launch for any alcohol brand in Malaysia, Carlsberg Malaysia definitely left a deep impression and a high personal benchmark in my heart.

With one of the most enigmatic symbols in the Chinese zodiac set to make its entrance for the Lunar New Year, Carlsberg  scaled new heights by unveiling a one-of-a-kind 16 feet high ‘Tree of Abundance’ at the launch of its Chinese New Year (CNY) national campaign at the Nine Emperor Gods Temple here today.

Inspired by the money tree plant which is said to bring good fortune to all who receive it, the towering, golden-hued Carlsberg ‘Tree of Abundance’ aptly symbolizes the brand's bountiful 2013 CNY theme 'May your prosperity reach new heights this Chinese New Year.

Arrived at the significant Nine Emperor Gods Temple in Ampang, Carlsberg always like to dish in that thick thematic taste to it's events and a Temple is a perfect place full of Chinese Heritage and the spirit of CNY to go around as well. 

Upon arrival guest were already presented with bottles of Ice Cold Carlsberg and several snack stores located around the stage area accompanied by a mini chinese orchestra to further envelop the whole venue with the CNY zest :)

After a couple of Carlsbergs and as the sun slow sets to give that dusk atmosphere, an impressive lady took up the microphone and introduced herself. She was none other den local actress/host Lynn Lim who manages to showcase her impressive freehand Emcee skills, a great personality on and off stage as we managed to have a small chat with her as well. 

She would be an awesome friend to have around seeing that her energy level is electrifying. 

The ever familiar face of Soren Ravn, Managing Director of Carlsberg Malaysia greeted everyone with a word or two in chinese and proceeded to talk about the story and meaning behind this years campaign with loads of prospetiry to be given away and more fun with the Carlsberg beer! Soren is always a great chap to have around as you can see he embraces the people who cheers him on and often makes a good and positive vibe around. 

After the speech, the rest of the Carlsberg directors proceeded to move to the top of the two tiered stages and was asked to pour a bottle of Carlsberg EACH into the golden found in the middle to mark the launch of this years CNY event.

The launch was acompanied by the crackling of the firecrackers and flamboyant releases of Confetti and fireworks followed by the arrival of Lions and God of prosperitys on to the stage :).

The night commences with various acts such as 72 rhythm drums performances, Lion dance act and a solo opera act by a realyl pretty lady :). 

The spinning hovering Lion Dance troupe. XD

The night continues with fellowship and laughter around the tables of the guest and of course the friends and I were having a great time as well! 

One must not forget the people who decided to have all of this as well!

Soren Ravn mentioned that:-

"By welcoming the Year of the Snake with the Carlsberg 'Tree of Abundance' and our most rewarding consumer promotion ever worth RM6.8 million in cash and other giveaways, we encourage our consumers to adopt the positive virtues of the snake which include intelligence, determination and being highly intuitive so they can harvest an abundance of prosperity and good fortune throughout the year. Our whole-hearted wish is for consumers to unleash their positivity and good fortune.” 

The Carlsberg 'Tree of Abundance' will soon embark on a road show across Peninsular Malaysia to spread prosperity and positivity to consumers in the brand's inimitable way, as part of the RM6.8 million Carlsberg CNY consumer campaign. This massive giveaway makes it the biggest ever campaign of its kind where lucky consumers can receive either RM11,888 or RM1,188 in ang pows besides other prizes in kind. Carlsberg has increased the value of giveaways by close to RM2 million compared to the year before. The consumer campaign will end on February 24 or while stocks last. "

So if you are going to win big money you best be drinking your favorite Carlsberg at anytime and anywhere, it would be wise to keep yourself updated on the Carlsberg Facebook page as well to see where our Tree of Abudance will be making it's appearance!

The night went on smoothly and happily with joyous Chinese New Year instrumentals being played at the background accompanied by the happy chatters of the guests :)

The Carlsberg girls would like to say bye as well.

and I will see the rest of you readers at the next post as well!

 Thank you to Carlsberg Malaysia for such hospitality and great stuff, definitely looking forward to a 2013 filled with mostly Carlsberg :)

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