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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Movies: Wreck-It Ralph 2012

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What's it about:-
Ralph plays a villain in an arcade game call " Fix it Felix". Nicknamed "Wreck It Ralph" he was always the bad guy and is shun away by the civilians as well as so good guys as well because it was part of the system and the job, they still get their off time but Ralph was a bit more lonely than the others and he finally got fed up and decides to proof that he can also be good and win a medal like the heroes. 

What are my thoughts on the movie:-
For any of you that was looking forward to this movie then many of you might find it disappointing with the promise of a nostalgia atmosphere for the movie, it turns out that those are just the mere marketing gimmick to attract people to watch the film especially the older generation who leaved through most of the games that was featured.

Stripping away the disappointment, Wreck-It Ralph was still a pretty good watch! It's dialogue was written to take on the tone of those you get in the white dialogue boxes of old games at least most of it was! 

It quickly moved away from the nostalgia premise and shot off with it's own plot and story with the occasional cameos and comebacks but the flow was indeed quite fluid.

The colorful world was "Sugar Rush" was certainly one of the best part in the movie and of course the pretty decently created race sequences that gave a rather convincing circuit race and ending it with a slight surprise before the predictable happy ending. 

My only complaint would be John C' Reily who was probably the weakest link when it came to voice acting as Jane lynch, Sarah Silverman and Jack McBryer were excellent at bringing the characters to life.

Despite certain inconsistency with some of the scenes and characters, the movie proved to be a joy ride that almost everyone would enjoy. Good action, a nice emotional chapter and a fluid happy ending! 

Rating 3/5

"You find yourself strapped on the seats of a good ride throughout the animation and come out quite satisfied and much more relaxed".

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