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Monday, December 3, 2012

Movies: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 (2012)

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What's it about:-
The finale that was long awaited by fans the whole year, the final chapter to the Twilight saga. The ending of a successfully sold book that turned into a successfully sold out film with 5 movies and huge fans and haters from around the world, the end of a supernatural love story and a totally annoying perception of a long lasting relationship. 

What are my thoughts on the movie:-
Though I don't harness much hate towards the whole franchise, I do have much to comment about the production of this whole film.

It felt childish and low standard, it felt rushed and unpolished. With stock backgrounds and CG babies, was it really the best way to feed the loyal supporters of the film with so much half hearted work?

When it is a story from a book then one should at least try to pour out as much essence the book tries to show into the film, when I saw that the movie was produced by Stephanie Meyer, the author of this series of books it made me question her love for the series.

The whole film was badly rushed, with no space to give the audience to even try to relate anything. Clearly they have taken for granted of the past films success and assumes that everyone already knows what was going on. Robert Pattinsons acting was horrible and un convincing, perhaps he was as happy as some of us that the movie was finally ending.

The movie dragged on with  a somewhat epic (considering all the action that was shown in previous chapters) fashion. This also sparked a lot of awe among the fans of the film, who often argued that the book and story was not about the action or the fighting of vampires and other beast, but a tale of forbidden love that blooms in adversity. However the most buzz i heard was about how epic the final battle was to everyone of them, so it made me ponder yet again about the book and it's fans.

But good job in raking in millions of pounds and robbing the hearts of young girls and boys all over the globe, a cultural phenomenon that has finally ended till we wait for the next one that will sweep us again whether we like it or not.

The movie gives no pleasure of any film goers, it is shallow in production, rushed in story telling, unconvincing acting and a predictable and fairy tale ending that was 4 movies overdue.

Fans, you are free to love this movie because I realize only a minority would dislike it.

*Note:- My dislike towards the movies was not about the wrong perception of vampires, the gay body showing men or the expressionless acting and unrealistic relationship development. It was just the way it was marketed and produce, if you HAVE SO MANY FANS the least you could do i make a very decent high quality film. 

Harry Potter had 7 films and Twilight had 5 films, tell me which one had better quality in production and used a bigger budget?  Shouldn't Twilight fans deserve at least one high quality production looking at how much money they have earned? :(

Rating: 0.5/5

"A painful truth that many have been cheated into a film and a book that deserve slightly better treatment and an unfair justice towards it's fans, but yet you will still adore it being the faithful fan that you are!"

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:D Sparkly vampires... :D:D:D

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