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Monday, December 3, 2012

Movies: Rise Of The Guardians 2012

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What's it about:-
An animation about Fairy tale characters who were chosen to guard the hopes and dreams of children and when someone dark from the past comes back for recognition and to stir the fear once again into the hearts of children, it is up to the guardians to protect them once again with the help of a new and young ally.

What are my thoughts on the movie:-
Everything was all too familiar, the magic, the theme, the plot, the characters and the ending. Predictable and un-engaging.

The characters were under developed considering the fact that each of them has their own unique character yet it was most of a comical relief rather than playing an important part in the movie. It seems that the only character that were of any use were Sandman Sandy and Jack Frost, the rest were just totally useless in my opinion. 

I couldn't get attached to the film, the visuals were up to dreamworks standard but the story telling itself was just bits and pieces that could be told in 10 mins but it tries to give a deeper meaning into an overused plot but fails.  Besides the fan girls screams over pretty boy Jack Frost, let's face it you couldn't even remember what happen mid-way.

The soundtrack was a mess, unemotional and half assed. It felt like the composer was not even briefed with the script and the flow. 

Rating: 1/5

"It would have been more acceptable to call it Rise Of Jack Frost, because then it would make sense as to why he was so over powered and the rest had only scimitars and boomerangs aside from Sandman who was unavailable half of the time" 

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