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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Movies: Here Comes The Boom 2012

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What's it about:-
When a school is forced to close down extra curricular activities for the reason of budget cuts and the life of a fellow teacher. Vince ( Kevin James) makes an impulsive stand to help the school raise funds and when the odds are against all his efforts he finds a way to raise the money. MMA fighting. 

What are my thoughts on the movie:-
A clear bomb shelter for those who are overwhelmed by the battalion of huge year end hit movies , Here Comes The Boom does nothing more than just clears your mind a while and gives you a few jabs at the funny bone. 

Kevin James has certainly made this kind of role his trademark even though it's nothing fresh but he does take it quite seriously, the hints of Zookeeper, Grown-ups, Mall cop and other movies certainly comes together here as well. It is yet another movie revolving around a clumsy goofy Kevin James Character doing what is right and teaching us all a lesson.

Overall, it's a predictable plot filled with a good set of punchline timing and heart warming and inspiring film for those who want to have a good laugh and feel good about the end of the year. It does help with you making your next year resolution too! :)

The fights are quite unrealistic coming from someone who watches MMA and UFC occasionally plus had a short course on the basics but it probably was enough to get most audience riled up, the first person camera scenes were new but limited. It's a film not to be taken serious on technicality.

Rating: 2.5/5

"Nothing to be taken seriously here, just Kevin James doing his thing and potentially influencing some people to actually do their work tomorrow :P. It's still funny and comes with a catchy song"

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