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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mama Instant Noodles: Tom Yum Goong Flavor


Mama Instant Noodles from Thailand.

A super big thank you to the Girlfriend for bringing this back for me cause she knows how much I love my Instant noodles. You can actually get this off our own local shelves but it won't be in Thai and I am not really sure about the quality, will do that comparison in the future.

If you want to know how to cook this noodle then you can actually check out this link to a previous post and the method is more or less the same (as if you don't know how to cook instant noodle right?)

There's the usual two packet seasoning that is included with most Thai Flavored Instant noodles. I always use the simplest way to cook these noodle for a fair review which is usually by just adding in an egg.

*You should separate the egg white and yolk, throw in the white first den let the yolk stay on the surface of the noodles to get that half boiled texture.*

Another addition I made to this meal is by adding a slice of cheese. ( This only works with spicy flavored instant noodles, trust me it's GOOD)

I tasted the soup and noodles before the cheese and after the cheese, the taste was mostly the same but the one with the cheese was nice of course :).

Here is the breakdown of the Instant Noodle:-

Noodle: Springy, thin and absorbant of flavor
Soup: Mild spicy with a strong taste of Thai Tom Yum
Portion: Less than average (compared to Maggi Mee)

Besides the notably smaller portion, the noodle is really good and deserves a thumbs up. If you are someone who can't take extreme spiciness but still want to have a little kick on the side you can always try Mama Instant Noodle.

Where can I get this?
The Thai version is not available in Malaysia but you can always get the Malaysian packaging at all major hyper markets.


Chuen said...

Omg this instant noodle is awesome! I also bought back some when I was in BKK. I still prefer the Thai version. Malaysia one not so nice~

michleong said...

How do you separate the egg white and yolk? o.o

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