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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Heineken Thirst 2012 : How I Wish You Were Here!

How I Wish You Were Here!

These were the exact words I mumbled under the towering 50 foot extravagant "Wish" theme structure that was erected in the middle of the most epic Electro Dance Music Festival in Malaysia!

We were heavily obstructed by the bogus thunderstorm all the way from Kota Damansara to Sepang with a convoy of 3 cars we did not have the privilege to rush to the festival on the time we had planned but instead reached there about 9.30, we casually make our way to the parking spots which were about 2 km away from the entrance. 

Excited as we always were with the soon to be most epic time for some of us, we bounced open the boot of my 狗狗 (car)  to unleash the bottles of Heineken we have brought along!

After a light hearted yet heavy pre drinking session and many photo ops we climbed the hill and gushed in through the entrance.

Immediately electrified by the sets of Above & Beyond, we missed the opening but it was going crazy in there as they brought some heavy trance with them easily warming everyone up and getting into the groove. 

The live text broadcast on the back was a brilliant idea and should be maintained for all eternity! :)

While we made it to our spot with more beers to redeem, a series of crazy partying, shouting, and photo snapping ensued. The music was awesome and we were pretty much hectic, or perhaps it was JUST ME! hahaha. Don't care la, it was awesome for me can dy!

Of course there were some crazy moment that weren't documented as well which in turn led me to wishing you were there as well! (the ones that didnt went)

The Star Arena was headlined by Justice, Brodinski and Gesaffelstein but we didn't manage to catch them as the schedule was a bit tight!

Below is me trying to swallow the pass and be a Forever VIP of Thirst! "Very Idiotic Person"

It finally came for the time of Avicii, the many fans who waiting for him were thrilled and every stood up, he said" Are you ready Kuala Lumpur!" and immediately burst out his newest track mix of Fade into darkness as the crowd went epicly wild!

If you didn't feel it, then u clearly aren't getting it!


As the two hour mix went by all two fast with an ending note of Levels and a dashing display of fireworks.

It was a night of super great time and forever the epicness will be etched in our hearts as we eagerly await the next Thirst, the next Rave, and more epic future ahead!

Le Girlfriend who was of course having awesome fun as well! <3 p="p" u="u">

I would like to thank Heineken Malaysia once again for an awesome good time and to the rest of you:-


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