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Monday, December 24, 2012

Comic Fiesta 2012: Cosplay, Performance, Doujins and Epic Fun at KLCC


Amongst all the ACG events that happens all around Malaysia each and every year, who would EVER overlook Comic Fiesta right? The ACG event that is now proud to be over 10 years old is one of the most sought after 2 day event for Cosplayers, Otakus, Photographers and Japanese Culture Enthusiasts in and out of Malaysia.

With the attendance of 20.000 or maybe more this year's Comic Fiesta 2012 has proven to be an astounding benchmark for years to come!

Let me try to breeze you with a little of the Comic Fiesta atmosphere that we love so much and hope that this  will get you interested to come take a look yourselves in the years to come.

You might want to switch this song on for a better feel :).

Of course grabbing your tickets early via Pre-order is always the BEST choice, forget about the MAYBE of not being able to make it because you can always give it to someone just as enthusiastic as you. 

You might want to come later to avoid the long line of crazy loving people rushing in to be the first to see the set ups but waiting in line and getting all excited at 7am in the morning is part of the COMIC FIESTA journey too!

These two will be your tour guide for the post ya?

One should not be alarmed by the blockades of armor and weaponry formed due to the massive amount of cosplayers in the area, by this time you already feel the goosebumps on your hand either because of the excitement or the cultural shock you just had!

Don't worry though cause MOST cosplayers don't bite and for those that DO bite it's just cause they are in character like this chewy looking fella here.

It doesn't matter if you are a cosplayer, an anime enthusiast or even just someone who though spend a few bucks to see what the commotion is all about, you will rejoice when you find a good spot to stand and have your first 360 degrees look around of the whole place. (LIKE THIS GUY BELOW,FTW!)

Security and crowd control was pretty well done this year even though with the addition of 2 more halls people are still overcrowding the place (we should be happy here). Just like every other year, CF always comes prepared with a huge amount of volunteers and elite groups of security guards (see picture below)

Also watch out for random sword fights that could cut your limbs off!

There are a lot of both commercial and Doujin booths along the hall up to the stage area and this year many Doujin booths were very fortunate to be sponsored by Saito College, which is a pretty awesome thing for them to have done and certainly does encourages many to enrol in the institute just by being so supportive!

Remember to grab some awesome souvenirs from the Coffy Tiam and Mirai roadshows, that Moekana shirt is very very tempting! 

Armored characters are getting more and more sturdy and awesome each coming ACG event and i think it won't be long till we see a fully armored alloy built gundam for that matter!

Don't ever forget the handsome men that sparks a certain macho aura in the air everywhere you walk as well, Dress to kill and protect as these male characters are all looking rather dashing and fit to fight at anytime. 

The deadly ladies are either ready to stab you to death or kawaii you tell you melt that's for sure! Never a lack of eye candy at ACG events and the probably reasons of many un-ACG specialize photographers showing up as well. 

Teamwork plays a brilliant part in most Animes and Stories, this goes the same for cosplayers as many seldom come alone and most of them find their comrads in the event itself too!

Moving on, the stage was nicely situated at the end of the hall and many flock to the front to get a good glimpse at the cosplay competitions and stage performances, Shiomaru casually serenaded the crowd with her great vocal talents yet again! Hardo Gay was seen terrorizing the many attendees but many were happy to see him around too.

You can also see some great talents being showcased everywhere, artists, singers, and dancers are free to do what they love here and be admired by the many attendees whilst gaining more and more support there on after. 

If you are tired, you can always take a nap or stand straight and strike a pose!

Just make sure you don't block anyone like this juvenile "No Face" here though.

The special thanks to the hardworking friends and family who supported the cosplayers as well!

My favorite item at Comic Fiesta :)

Here are some more amazing stuff before i sign off! 

"Would like to take this oppurtunity to thank everyone who was part of this amazing event and also the many cosplayers that were present that day, your dedication and effort made to bring our favorite characters to life are much adored and appreciated.
To the photographers and public that are snapping away to what seems to be some of the greatest memento of all time, please give the cosplayer time to rest in between as well :)." Without any ONE of this elements Comic Fiesta won't have made it to this day and I see many more such awesome days to come! Arigato Gozaimas! - A happy fella. "

Till the next event! See Ya!
(that's not me, thank you whoever you are!)

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FurFer said...

y u no take Asuna and Kirito's pichaaaaaaaaaaa.

And I dont seem to find you and min min pttf

Anonymous said...

i just love anime cosplay! they r awesome.

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