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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Coffea Coffee: How About A Place For Good Coffee?


Aside from the alcohol drinking, the movie screenings and the occasional events. It's always good to have a hang out hobby be it playing model trains, board games or even a healthy conversation of different interests. Having a good cup of coffee over a ambient location seems to fit that scenario well too!

Coffea Coffee brings the coffee culture with a strong of Korean taste. 

Name: Coffea Coffee
Location: 8, Jalan Telawi 2 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur
Operational Hours: 9am to 11pm everyday

Coffee joints, traditional kopitiams and the commercialized "Kopitiam" are one of the top favorite spots for meetings, studies or even a friendly dinner of session. How many names you can think of when it comes to these more classy places for such activities? I am quite sure you can already name me 3 on the top of your head without even thinking much.

I am not much of a coffee drinker but I do know good tasting coffee when I taste it and many present today felt the same way about this place.

Serving a conservative menu of coffee that you will normally find at any similar cafes but striking a clear difference with the end result, I got chance to have sips after sips of aromatic coffee for this evening and it was a good experience.

I finally realize why so many people around me value the existence of such coffee.

The Madonna blend brings a slightly milder coffee experience with a fruity after taste. 

Green Tea Latte adds a certain color to your daily dose and gives just the right amount of Zen 

A variety of carefully selected Tea that gives alternative for those who don't take coffee

I couldn't boast on their menu selection or any fancy merchandise but this humble cafe does come with it's perk of well priced good coffee, carefully brewed styles and a smile to add that extra cream on your day.

"Drinks include hot beverage(tea/coffee), Ice blended varieties (coolist) and desserts for that afternoon snack"

The ambience provides quite a nice environment as well (consider yourself being one of those main characters in Korean dramas being alone and sipping away your coffee with a cheerful background music to boot)

Though it was not explained (or maybe I wasn't paying attention) The interior consists of an obvious 3 element fusion of metal, wood and stone creating a slight modern medieval feel that disguises itself in a soothing atmosphere. A perfect place for assignments, small meetings and of course a relaxing cup of coffee.

Lead by a team of Baristas of Korean Descent, the leading duo strives for the perfection of coffee brewers and the code it comes along. Brimming with confidence in their skills and coffee beans and a heart of sharing, the language barrier will be easily broken once they get the hang of it.

Passions speak in all forms and to add to that, Baristas as well as Bartenders are professions whom I find very inspiring and intersting because it is safe to say that most if not all of these people work with passion  and is shown through the drinks they serve and the smiles they give, much like artists and their drawings, DJs and their sets and Songwriters and composers with their music.

It's a nice spot for coffee lovers to hit, a cool environment for those looking for a chill and certainly one of those perfect places for an afternoon tea.

They bring an affordable price with a nice setting as well. So you should drop by for a try and maybe occasionally come back if it's right :). (More additions to the menu and branches coming soon too)

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