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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Passion for Fashion 2012 by Johnnie Walker and Kronenbourg 1664


Spotlights were shining around on the roof of Lot 10, Rootz Club plays host to one of the most exclusive and fashionable event of the year with a splendidly coordination of great DJs, stunning fashion and of course the free flow of Johnnie Walker's Gold Label and the tasty Kronenbourg 1664.

It was a great Thursday evening and everyone was looking fresh due to it being a holiday, as the guest comes  and pictures snapped away. The guest were all looking rather stylish, dressed up for a good occasion and what will soon be a good good night! :)

Lovely girls were ready to welcome you into the compounds of the cozy Rootz Club.

One could only imagine the level of fashion that was in the room, everyone looked stunning! The ladies were gorgeous and the men were smart and handsome, suddenly felt so intimidated at this time as I was one of the earlier ones around I was kinda alone till the rest showed up then it was much better laaaa.

As the night goes into full throttle with introduction of the DJs that will be spinning and the announcement of the winners of some fashion awards, Peter Davis and Leng Yein each nabbed an award as well which was not much of a surprise la haha.

DJ Misty was slapping up her sets to get the crowd warmed up and would later passed it on to DJ Bento to get everyone partying fashionably! Smith Agent Smith would later spin and get the crowd to peak ecstasy and wrapping up the night at 2 plus.

The music was a mix of lots of genre, couldn't really make out how the mashes were but there were some nice music in the air and everyone was pretty much indulge in their Johnnie Walkers and Kronenburgs :P

Happy people everywhere as usual!

One of the reasons that I picked up blogging and somehow continued it was that it's always fun to meet people and to share the same passion towards having good time, though my blog is mostly event based but it also resonates the aura that people always love having fun.

FUN is the general word to connect people and throughout this one year plus, I am very honored to have met many people that inspired or motivated me one way or another.

Some may or may not remember me but I am pretty sure during that brief moment we exchanged our hello and smiles it was a good moment :).

Another thing I realize is that I REALLY need to reorganize my wardrobe, it's pretty stale and probably not stylo oso. haha, have to really look into fashion soon if that's the case! Haha.

It was a good night and I ended up with some great new company of people as well!

Here are some more pictures of the night!


Isaac Tan said...

nice night of fashion, style and music!

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