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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

KFC Malaysia and their really slow serving time


Ah yes, the KFC Double Down set comes with Cheezy Wedges and a drink.

The NORMAL serving time for a meal like this would be a maximum of 5 min? I waited 30 mins for mine, with two persons in front of me, both ordered snack plate seperately.

So I waited 30 mins + 5 mins to actually get my meal, it was lunch period but there wasn't that many customers around.

It has come to no surprise as 80% of the time I ordered KFC, it takes more then 20 mins for my turn whenever there are two patrons ahead of me. Even though everything was readily available behind them to be put on their iconic white plastic plate -_-. Some didn't even need to scoop the mash potatoes and Coleslaw -_-

Note: The following incident occurred at One Utama KFC.

I was around the area when i had the sudden urge to gobble down on the KFC Double Down so i headed out to the LG KFC Restaurant without realizing that it was another long wait to get my meat! It happens all the freaking time! I am not sure why I still put up with it!


So here is your * every time have to go through and wait till die* process at KFC Malaysia

Waits patiently for the people in front to order their Snack Plate, or whatever plate. It's a very simple process actually, you order then you assemble the snack plate and you pass it to the patron, not exactly an engineers job but somehow it takes time.

So after 15-20 mins of cursing at the slow server or indecisive patient in front, it's finally your turn! The ordering takes place in no more then 3 mins for a veteran KFC meal eater like me.

The Conversation goes like this and is most likely the same with everyone else:-

Server: Makan sini ke takeaway?
Me: Makan Sini
Server: Nak Aper Encik?
Me: KFC Double Down set dengan Mountain Few
Server: Itu saje ke? 
Me: Ya (with a bright gleaming smile, proud of myself cause the ordering went smooth)
Server: Encik, air aper you nak?
Me: Mountain Dew: (ah crap!)
Server: 10.10 ringgit Encik. 

She will then walk off, shout your order to the kitchen behind, take a tray and put at the silver table behind and walks back to fill your drink.

Like so. 

She leaves your drink unattended because the machine is set to fill up your cup, at this moment you will most probably feel like grabbing the drink for a sip. (right? right?)

She then walks back to the counter behind to grab your orders, which is the other two items aside from the drink which was still unattended and easily taken by you at the counter. 

*korek korek* I don't recall having ice cream

She will then shout "mana itu Double Down"? (Believe it or not, this happens a lot to food items like burgers and wedges, it's just something wrong with the kitchen being slow at this point)

Sometimes (50% chance) the server disappears and you dunno what the heck is going on!

At The End:-

"It took me more than 30 mins to have my double down set, I still don't understand why can't they have a dedicated person or two that helps assemble the meals that are being ordered instead of having the cashier do everything! It's very inefficient planning because of all the walking around and fooling around behind the counter!
I don't even understand why! it's messy and slow, clearly wasting our time as well! There seems to be no cure on this system, despite the many times I have complaint to the management and staff about their inability to coop with large amount of customers.
The KFC at KL Sentral is one that always has a really long line with all counters open.  

Would really hope KFC can show some professionalism in handling their customers feedback especially on their serving system, and to be called a successful fast food chain? The chicken rice stall at a full house coffee shop serves faster!"

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_VeL_ said...

Sounds like staffs planning is really bad. Cashier needs to take order and pack la. But if need to wait for anything, we would tell them won't be long and serve the next one.

You waited so long ah. Here wait for 10 minutes also complaint already. Sigh. Hard to please everyone.

Anyway, go complaint through hotline. Then they'll do something about it?

Isaac Tan said...

just realized.. ima featured on your side bar! thanks :P ..

aiya, kfc, been there, experienced it before.. what to do, all for our finger licking good chicks..

benjaminvai said...

@vel well mcd and burgerking have a dedicated team that looks at the orders and assembles the meals while the cashier moves on to the next order, it feels more efficient that way.

As for complaining I think for a nationwide change of system, it will be quite tough.

@isaac , yes u are featured

Kate said...

Great post!

Kate said...

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