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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jagermeister Presents: Party Goers Enjoying Paranormal Fun At Jagermeister's Halloween Party


In the midst of a wet Friday night of 2nd November 2012, party goers seem to heading to wicked venue that creeps out an eerie vibe, it seems that Carcosa Serin Negara has been manipulated into a portal for all that is ghoulish and ghastly, howls of werewolves and the flappings of bat wings seem to shatter the quiet vicinity.

With the curiosity of 10 cats, I headed to the forbidden zone and found myself surrounded in a different crowd, werewolves, dracula, dead nurses, double faced creeps, dexters, a dead mime, a crazed out waiter, gothic maids and a chuck load of Zombies and all of the undead were crowding in what seems like the best night of their "dead" lives.

Looks like the awesome Jagermeister was behind this spine-tingling setting and I decided to fight the urge to run off and barge into this crowd and hoping to not get mauled to death! After all, there some pretty awesome music rocking inside!

Right on stage, devil ladies and Count Dracula , Soren Eavn himself giving the crowd what they want! *bites* Check out his awesome ladies! Hehe.

These guys were already in a different world pun intended, when I arrived, Kudos to Isaac when he told me he had 8 shots of Jagermeister, just some good people getting the best out of Jagermeister and Carlsberg :).

HardGay and the dead pantomime was definitely making sparks fly at the party so you can except some homosexually positive mim babies to be crawling the streets by next year!!!

Who doesn't like a Carlsberg tray serving some awesome Carlsberg right?  

You guessed it, Joshua was the waiter we were talking about, his dreams are to be the most handsome and skillful waiter in the world! Cheer him on! 

These ladies sure know how to enjoy some Jagermeister, taking the shots and staying deadly sexy the whole time! 

So where is scream 4 ? haha Get it? Get it?

Fire Eaters are wickedly cool, they are like Dragons! and dragons are awesome! 

As you can see, HardGay was probably the crowd favorite! IT was great fun at this spookily exciting party, one of the best we had this year around and guess what!

The theme for this yea is "The Beginning", So I am already looking forward to next year's Halloween bash! 

It was an unforgettable night and definitely and awesome party! 

Soren enjoying himself to the fullest!

See you all next year, says the Carlsberg girl :)

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Isaac Tan said...

Drinkup! Nice night!

Isaac Tan said...
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