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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hennessy Malaysia Presents: H-Artistry, the pinnacle at MIECC 2012


The day for the last Hennessy Artistry of the year was here!

Excitement surrounded the air for the whole week as people were trying to get themselves a pair of the money cant buy experience that comes with the clubbing phenomena of H-Artistry!

As Saturday approaches, one could only say that it was luck that it rained and the traffic was horrible, but thankfully Hui Min and I managed to reach our hotel by 7pm to rendezvous with YY, Jackie and the heroin of the night Sherlynn.

After much preparation and a small laugh when Tony ( who was in another room) made a joke about Iris's Henshin time and the arrival of the ever happening Isaac Tan, we met up at the lobby only to be welcomed by the rain gods.

At that time we were actually in the same area as the EVOL korean girl band but was clueless as they were really new and we didn't even know they were performing that night. They are really new, den again Block B who was performing that night was really new too!.

After minutes of hesitation we finally decided to brave the rain and walked over to MIECC, lucky for us there was a cafe open and we hurried along to grab our dinner, even at 10 we can see that many party go-ers just arrived, the rain was really being very cruel to the masses.

We headed into the mixing zone, or some may call it the waiting area and met a few familiar faces along the way, decks were being spun and the iconic Hennessy long drinks were served, the area was crowded by the many H-Artistry enthusiasts, a bit too much for my comfort but it was good to see that long queue to use the famous Hennessy 360 camera, where you see many awkward poses that will create great funny memories for you and you fellow buddies!

When it was finally time to enter the grand hall of all music and sounds, I was really impressed with the stage set up as it was positioned smack down in the middle of the hall.

It felt like an arena, but it gave many a better atmosphere, we were suppose to be in Zone O , but it was a bit too cramped for comfort, I did however met up with lots of people in the zone and it was great to see them all ready to party, after a few cheers of drinks and some mingling the entire Zone O was packed, not sure where these people come from though. We got ourselves a nice little spot which was later totally owned by a fellow blogger. (HAHA!)

The ladies were all dolled up and ready to party the night away, full of smiles and Hennessy in their hands. :)

Someone however was clearly quick on the drinks, hahah the mischievous Anna was already prowling the cameras and what she does best, "act cute and getting away with it" well played Anna , well played. She was clearly having fun earlier then the rest of the lot, knowing how to enjoy urself is always good!

The night finally started with the new comers Block B and EVOL, I have to agree that the music was way too loud for their singing not to mention they seemed like they didnt practice enough for the performance, but they moved on quite quickly, they need more work to actually deliver a good show, but it was good effort more or less :P.

The powerful vocals of Alexandra Burke drowned the hall and we were treated with some nice tunes and songs, even though there were times that she sang off key but at least she didn't lip sync, lots of energy put out by her and every enjoyed it too!

Carmen,Jude and Albert enjoying each others company very much! SEE YOU GUYS SOON!!!!! 

Me and my loves! hahah Girlfriend/wife and girl-type friend 

The thing about the company that I am always with is that we never fail to entertain ourselves, it was great fun especially when these fella were just snapping away and enjoying some good Hennessy and music altogether.

It was an event that you get to meet up with friends and have an endless flow of great whisky to let you enjoy the night away!

Samantha, Vivian and friend were enjoying themselves as well, snapping away some great pictures, Samantha later showed me her secret camwhore weapon when the party ended.

More great music, and certain trips to the toilet later, DJ Havana Brown was up on stage and her console was actually risen from the stage floor, how cool was that! WISH I HAD VIDEO RECORDED IT! Nooooooo~

This was the time that we were waiting for when H-Artistry gets high!

Was the space cramped at that time? Well, physically it was! But putting that aside, we were all ready to party the night away, DJ Havana brown gave a pretty decent set and we were well in the mood.

We finally realized it was time to get more space so a few of us headed down to the Zone P and party even harder!

So if you ask me, I still had an awesome time with the great company that comes along at these events, sometimes you just gotta enjoy that experience that comes along with it. 

"Yes our zone was badly cramped, but it was also cramped with friends, because walking from the inner part of the zone towards the entrance of the zone, i get to meet familiar faces, stop by and said hi, maybe snapping a pic or two along the way because it was glad that way, a place cramped with familiar faces is not really that bad."

Considering the fact that they started pretty late, i guess we were all quite restless, but let that calm down and your night was just about to begin, the bar was also trying their best to dish out the long drinks but i guess consistency wasn't their priority haha. 

There was also the issue that the Zones were not communicated properly, there was a huge open space behind zone P but many were cramped on the other side, poor people! :(. 

My only sadness, was that it had to end early, just when I was ready to get myself messed up (the good way). I guess we couldn't help it.

But I am glad that i didn't miss this event for something else, it was great to see to many friends everywhere. Ex-colleagues, primary friends, secondary friends, seniors, juniors. 

Still looking forward to the next year H-Artistry. :)

Wish we could say the same to someone, hahahaha

Spot your pictures here too!


Jean said...

Really met up!! Kakaka!! This year got fate!!

Shopaholic said...

No more drinking events for me. *pukes*

T i e n G said...

nice candid pics! :P


Isaac Tan said...

LOL at the last photo.. waves to sherlynn!! :P

Isaac Tan said...
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Kelly Siew said...

Hahahaha Anna photobombed!

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