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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Heineken Thirst 2012 - It's Time To Make A Wish [Giveaway Time!]

Let me take the liberty of refreshing you all with the details to the most anticipated end year festival of great sounds!

Event Details

Date:                            Saturday 8 December 2012
Time:                           5.00pm onwards
Venue:                         Sepang International Circuit (SIC)
Web:                   &
Note:                            Heineken Thirst is open to 18 years & above only

But it seems that the tickets are getting sold out pretty quickly, let's look at the updated ticket situation shall we?

Don't worry about this, because at the end of the post I will sharing with you a way to win your self a pair of passes to HeinekenThirsts 2012! So read on!

Heineken’s continuously evolving roll call of creative and collaborative talent doesn’t end with the music. This year our search for new visual representations of the ideals of Heineken Thirst has led us to comb the globe for some of the most innovative interpretations of the progressive values of Malaysia’s leading electronic music festival. At a specially designed festival site, Heineken Thirst will feature some of the latest advances in creative technologies, digital landscaping and interactive collaborative installation pieces.

Towering above the futuristic design universe of Heineken Thirst will be one of the most iconic international pieces of public and festival art of recent years. Already a favourite at festivals across the United States, the 50 foot high Wish makes its Asia debut at Heineken Thirst. Designed by San Francisco public art conceptualists Robert James, Wish consists of ‘three contemporary dandelions that are losing their seeds in the wind’.

Heineken will also be documenting your journey through Heineken Thirst as filtered through the lens of the world’s leading DJ celebrity snapper Rukes. This self-taught LA based photographer tours the electronic music festivals of the world, working with most of the world’s leading DJs and producers to capture to the essence of the action and spirit that these events create.

Add it up and it’s a recipe for a night of supercharged thrill-seeking and discovery on December 8 at Heineken Thirst, Malaysia’s premier electronic music festival.

To be part of Heineken’s exciting calendar of events, stay tuned at their Facebook page ( or Twitter (

It is a promising scene of sights and sounds as you gear yourself up a year end party that you won't forget, EVER!

[Ticket Giveaway] 2 pairs to be given. 2 creatively lucky winners!

2 simple steps:-

Like my page at

Leave a comment in this blogpost telling me : 
"One French DJ and One Malaysian DJ that will be blasting great vibes at Heineken Thirsts, and why YOU should be there as well!" (Be as creative as you can!)

*Remember to include your email address so that I can contact you if you are the winner.*

Note: If you are selected as the winner, we will then need you to verify whether you have "liked" the page above via email so keep checking your mail everyday or watch out for the announcement at the page.

The last day you can comment will be 25th November 11.59pm

Winners will be announceed between 26th November - 30th November.

So Good Luck to you all!

Here is the official Heineken Thirsts 2012 trailer to get you pumped up.

Hope to see you partying your heart out there!


Jennifer FurFer said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Avicii and Lapsap

I should be there because that is when corporate slaves like us are set freed to find our soul and partayyyy!

syed arif said...

Justice and DJ Goldfish and Blink!

I am so thirsty the only thing that can save me is that thirst 2012 tickets in my hand so i can party hard at crazy rave night with top-notch world class headliners/djs tuning em' sick beats doing their phenomenal performance

afieq karim said...

For The French Dj it must be Justice and for The Malaysian Dj its gonna be Goldfish & Blinkz!;) May God bless them !

I should win the pair of passes because I think this year Thirst will bring me to living the lifestyle and being able to jet-set, it really exhilarating and exemplifies. Its everything everybody dreamed of . Can't wait for the party ! :)

adrian oon said...

French Dj would be Justice while for the Malaysian Dj it would be Mr.Nasty&GuruGuru . I should be there because this year my fren Mr.Nasty&GuruGuru are performing at Thirst 2012 ! Cant miss it

Tony Teh said...

Many of my batch one going for this. No hotel nearby.. so far away... how to get drunk.. lol. Twilight Breaking Dawn review

Nazreev said...

Avicii and Goldfish & Blink,

this two will be blasting great vibes at Heineken Thirsts and i'm ready to help them to bring down the house that night !

ameerul affiq said...

-French DJ, Brodinski
-Malaysian DJ Goldfish

-Reason number 1, there is international act like Avicii, Justice, Brodinski and Gessafelstein. Reason number 2, the world is going to end soon, and i want to party hard before that happens.

Name: Ameerul Affiq Adenan
Age: 21
IC Number: 911224-10-5061
Phone: 0147171677

Fabian Santiago said...

French DJ/Band - Justice
Malaysian DJ - Goldfish & Blink

I should be at Heineken's Thirst 2012 because it is THE EDM EVENT of the YEAR. EDM lives in my HEART and my SOUL and I'd love to watch all the great international & local acts display their talent on the mainstage. FSA did an AMAZING job with the lineup and I just know that it's going to be a KILLER SHOW. AVICII MAKES HIS WAY TO MALAYSIA FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Really want to win this! Please, Benjamin!

my email:

CWKen said...

French DJ: Justice

Malaysian DJ: Lapsap

Answer: I want to party at Heineken Thirst 2012 with all my fellow Avicii fans and trance music lovers while continuously downing smooth and delicious icy cold Heineken through our throats. We will be dancing and grooving to the spins by all DJs till we get hot and dehydrated, we then quench our THIRST with even more Heineken. ;)

nexmajorvillain said...

French DJ: Justice

Malaysian DJ: Goldfish and Blink

The acts for THIRST this year connect to what's most important to me so I definitely need to get this dancing shoes of mine out!


Florence Song said...

French DJ: Justice
Malaysian DJ: Lapsap

Being broke as a joke, your God-sent passes will make my life if I get to watch Justice being served without having to beg, borrow, steal or kill!


MDWLRK said...
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MDWLRK said...

French DJ: Justice!
Malaysian DJ: Lapsap

I deserve to be there because I need to lower my stress LEVEL with Avicii and D.A.N.C.E with Justice. With all these other sublime lineups, don't forget that we need to quench our thirst with Heineken too!

Chazz said...

French DJ: Justice
Malaysian DJ: Blink Lapsap

I want passes to THIRST 2012 because I am superrr THIRST-Y! wanna quench the thirst with Heineken, get high, PARTY and dance to the beats till dawn like there's no tomorrow! hey, getting wasted is not a crime! It's the most awesome nightlife gig of the year we're talking about!

OunkownO said...
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OunkownO said...

Justice and DJ Goldfish and Blink

I should win those tickets because I am a very avid super duper luper quper chuper muper nuper huper wuper ruper uper fan of Justice. I'm not a pooper though. I will party so hard there will be no justice anymore. From my hardcore party skills I will go above and beyond! Notice the play on words there. I would appreciate those tickets very much, as much as I appreciate your existence. Thanks!


Stacy Esmeralda said...

One of the French DJ is Justice and one of Malaysian DJ is Nick Haydez.

I should be at Sepang Circuit because Heineken quenches my THIRST with amazing EDM beats plus the adrenaline rush we get on the perfect brew with awesome buddies is perfect for a memorable saturday night.

Nicole Fong said...

French DJ- Justice
Malaysian DJ - Goldfish & Blink

email add:

I should be at Thirst because the world continues to move even if we're not ready. Plans disappear. Journeys begin. But wherever I go, there you are. Heineken Beer and the best EDM artists in one event.... Inevitable.

sher degarmo said...

Golfish & Blink

I should be there because I am Heineken loyal fans. Never once skip an event they held. The most excited one I have attended was Rainforest i Sarawak. Their event is getting more and more happening and interesting. I believe Thirst 2012 will be the boom.

Whats more I have not been partying with bloggers friends for quite some time already. I know u guys miss my bite (trademark) when I get drunk . dont u? :P

Julian James said...
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Julian James said...

Justice is from France and Phil K Lee is from Malaysia

I should be at Heineken Thirst because the sound of hardcore beats from the speaker and the sight of people partying together as one big family never fail to put a smile on my face.

PaulYugendra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PaulYugendra said...

French DJ : Justice
Malaysian DJ : Nick Haydez

I should be at Heineken Thirst because be it a hot day, rainy day or a busy day, Heineken always saves the day, if your THIRST-y or come what may.
P/S : Avicii is gonna tear up the tracks in Sepang.

Email :

Cino said...

French DJ : Justice
Malaysian DJ : Lapsap

I should be at Heineken Thirst because I should win a pair of passes to Heineken thirst 2012 because I wanna D.A.N.C.E and RAVE to the whole new LEVEL of electric dance music that goes ABOVE & BEYOND.


Jennifer FurFer said...

French DJ: Justice
Malaysian DJ: DJ Goldfish and Blink

I should be at Thirst 2012 to welcome Apocalypse 2012. I should also be at Thirst to drunk my friends XD, dance like nobody's business and selca to the max with the pretty babes( and hunks).

Iryan Faiq Rashdi said...

French DJ : Justice
Malaysian DJ : Nick Haydez

I should be at Heineken Thirst 2012 enjoying those two DJs and more because I'm one of those people that have enough energy to power a space station but has a wallet made out of paper (Literally; it's made out of orange paper.). If you decide to give me those passes, it'll give me a chance to release all this pent-up energy. And we all know what having an energetic person in the crowd does to everyone; it gets everyone else pumped! Besides, what amazing memories (of Heineken Thirst 2012) to have when the world comes to an end on 21 December 2012. Bittersweet, it is.


Ross said...

French DJ, Brodinski
Malaysian DJ Tommy Cham

I should be there BECAUSE the best of music would be played on that awesome night. Its gonna be eargasmic!!
And Benjamin is THE MAN!!

Shamsul said...

International DJ : Justice

Malaysian DJ : DJ Goldfish and Blink

CAUSE I AM A BIG MASSIVE DIE HARD FAN OF JUSTICE AND DJ GOLDFISH, I am one of the person who deserve to win because I can ! If I didn't win this I might commit suicide due to sadness so I think I should win the passes cause I really really really wanna party hard with my favourite DJ !

Facebook Name : Shamsul Safwan
Email :

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