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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chilling with Asahi Malaysia at Idarts Sunway Giza

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It was a tiring week for some of us, but thank goodness that Asahi was calling some of us out for a gathering, and in true Asahi fashion, the night was a flowing tower of the Asahi Globe :).

It was a small happy hour session as usual, topped with the unique darting experience by Idarts Malaysia at Sunway Giza. It seems that this new trend has been darting into the hearts of the main drinking quarters of PJ and KL. I got no complaints on this fact because a good round of darts and great tasting Asahi was what I needed to cool off the work heat!

Nicole decided to drop by from Ipoh and chill out with us, trying to act cute saja dia!

Well, it was a small click of people with Asahi's ever so friendly brand manager and other awesome bloggers and some nuffies as well.

 Darren and Stacey

 Stacey trying to teach us how to play cards.( yeah sure)

It was a simple yet playful night, playing card games and challenging each other on the dart machine while letting the awesome Asahi flow. :)

Jenn had to leave early and unfortunately i didnt get to snap a pic of her but here is one from her side :P

Look at Darren shocked out face! haha, Nicole threw the dart at the wall!

It's always smileys with the people around and you can everyone was having good fun. There was a card game call "Up & Down" , totally got some of us into the mood. Taking glasses after glasses of Asahi is pretty awesome! XD

 Jamie and Victor (who happens to be one of my best Junior in Utar) haha

As usual, Darren the Man with them girls!

Those are some awesome Durex Themed card that we used to play. So you can say the whole night was pretty safe! 

We challenged each other on the darting machine, it was good fun trash talking each other haha! If i get a chance will ajak some other friend to come too! 

Small gathering such as these are always pretty cool, but I always have a hard time finding drinking buddies for nights like these. Tak ader orang ajak one i also wonder why? 

Maybe I am not good company hahaha! Oh well, if you guys need an extra joker for the night let me know. I see if i free or not la! I promise to behave!

~Asahi, Let it Flow~

1 comment :

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