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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Carlsberg Where's The Party? 2012 brought to you by Carlsberg Malaysia

I should nominate myself as the next Carlsberg WheresTheParty Icon and Mascot

Soooooo~ The big question for the whole month of October leading to Mid- November was "Where's The Party". as fans of Carlsberg and other Beer enthusiasts tried their very best to dig out as much information about the Party of the year, the party was officially revealed on the 10/11/12 <-- b="b">(awesome date btw)
where winners of the Carlsberg Facebook App, lucky party goers from Hong Kong, Laos, Singapore and the lovely members of the media found out that it was at the Hard Rock Beach!

Some of us started our journey from the Carlsberg brewery, arriving there at 8 am in the morning was already a " This calls for a Carlsberg moment" we were treated to some Nasi Lemak and mineral water instead! Haha.

After much preparation, we were finally on our way to the destination! Naive and gullible at that moment with much excitement on our faces, we were then greeted with the massive jam up north but that didn't take the adrenaline from us, YET!

We made a stop after about 3 hours of slow moving traffic at Simpang Pulai toilet rest stop. We got down the bus and it immediately felt like a "This calls for a Carlsberg" moment, but unfortunately a can of Carlsberg did not magically appeared in our hands and so we took a picture to keep ourselves pumped up for the party that is drawing closer.

Back up on the bus and another 3 hours of tortoise-like speed, we finally reached the registration area where we conducted a security check, collected our hotel number, grabbed some sausages, took a piss and licked some ice cream (YES, it has to be in that order) we were 70% through and it was yet another "This calls for a Carlsberg" moment! :)

Hopped back on the bus, fully refreshed and hoping to to reach our hotel in another half an hour time, we were then brought to experience the high hills of Penang Island using the Balik Pulau way, turning and climbing our way to get to the hotel, i felt like we were in Initial D but of course the view would have been nice if I weren't feeling slightly woozy at this time.

It wasn't the best decision to be taken to take us on this trip after a grueling 6 hour journey from KL! Bad call here Carlsberg :(. But i do understand the rationale behind it, it just wasn't that practical

Traveled for another hour and we finally reached the destination, we were gonna stay at the Bay View Resort right next to the Hard Rock Hotel! and guess what? "This definitely calls for a Carlsberg" but still there wasn't any in sight :(.

Found some party EQ in my room, pretty happy to see them and awesome stuff! It was a great view towards the beach as well, if we weren't so rush it would have been a much more wonderful experience but I was getting myself pumped up to party once again, but I wish I could say the same for the rest :P

It was drizzling so we didn't wanna get our cameras wet at that time so we took a shuttle to next door, journey was less then a minute!

The press conference revealed the artist that will be performing,sexy dancers, great singers, powerful bands and awesome DJs were all set to rock the night away!

Though completely drained from the loooooooooong journey, that moment when I finally gulp down some Carlsberg and I am back in action!

It didn't take long for us to get our stomachs filled with the many hawker stall canteen they had and we were ready to do some partying!

Soren arrived in style on Jetskis and did some of his trademark rapping alongside Shawn Lee. The crowd was pretty receptive and happy around that time and that went on for the whole night!

There was also two dart machines from I Darts and ppl were lining up to give it a try. This Leonard Chua was sort of owning the game, for very obvious reasons! haha

The performance started to heat up around 12 and it was a bunch of hoo haa and happy faces all the way till 3 pm. At the moment, i really wished the party didn't stop sigh!

There was a tent that was considered the chill out zone, Jane, Nana, Leonard and the rest were chilling there playing darts for the first part of the performance, getting rested up for the awesome second half that was to come!

Addi3ted and Unkle Jamez spotted and ready to party~

It was party time after that as everyone had their dinner digested and fueled up with the chillin Carlsberg, from that moment on every moment was a Carlsberg moment!

As the night erupted, had some awesome partying with awesome friends and then I circled around the party and found some old and new friends, had some more Carlsberg and enjoyed the continued beats of great Djs and some singing as well. :)

Met some cool Hong Kong people, greeted some Singaporeans as well, the night ended at 3am and we all dispersed into our lovely rooms arranged by Carlsberg for a good rest and that "wish it hadn't end" feeling in our guts :P.

"Despite the long 16 hour journey to and fro Penang, and the energy that it sucked from me I still managed to party and had good fun. Like I say again, company makes a good difference and always find ways to enjoy yourself. It was good effort from Carlsberg to be bringing such initiatives to us and I am certainly looking forward to them at improving certain issues like the travelling delays, makan space and perhaps an extra bar or two to grab beer :). "

One shot before leaving :) 

See you at the next Where's The Party!

More pics at the official fanpage!


Henry Lee said...

I think this time round Carlsberg put a lot of effort on the stage performance but neglect the entertainment at the void area. It's a bad time of the year to put up the party in Penang since it's the holiday season. The bus journey was badddd.... I hope they'll fly the media peeps next year! :D

Anonymous said...

LOL! I loveee how you write! :) :) Will continue reading more often:)

Anonymous said...

LOL! I loveee how you write! :) :) Will continue reading more often:)

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