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Sunday, November 25, 2012

5 Things to Have That Will Probably Make Your Life Better. (Male)

Too Often we are caught with the vicious time cycle of our everyday life that we sometimes feel so pressured by it that we can agitated and furious over trivial matters that will ultimately affect our performance and the way we live our lives.

We should always make an effort to see the better side of life, even though it's hard but we can at least really try!

Here are somethings that I personally feel can make you feel slightly better, it's good to feed your ego sometimes. Not too much though!

A fridge stocked with glass bottles of beer, fruit punch and soft drinks

Even though glass bottles are more expensive than the popular aluminium cans and take up much more space, it's still worth it to drink from the bottle because the flavor of the drink is kept untainted in a glass bottle whilst the aluminium ones changed the taste of the drink.

Not to mention the most important thing about having this is the SATISFYING CLANGING OF GLASS BOTTLES WHEN YOU OPEN THE FRIDGE, BLISSFUL AND SENSATIONAL. You would just open the fridge just for that sound :).

A friend who is hairstylist

As life goes on, that tedious trip to the hair remover specialist gets a bit harder. You can't get a decent time fixed, the specialist is always busy, there are so many salons to choose from, plus the troublesome process of explaining your preferred hairstyle to a new fella.

It would be a pleasant haircut experience with a hair stylist friend, you get to catch up on life and it would be fun talking to each other and joking about life as he/she cuts your hair with razors and scissors :).

A games room in the house, with analog and digital gaming

The dream of many men, I don't think I would need to elaborate this any further because it would be repetitive, a games rooms equipped with an alcohol bar would simply mean additional game nights and steamboat parties at your place every week.

A big ass human size mirror in your room

Waking up is one of the hardest to do in a day, waking up and seeing your sleepy, drowsy self gives two very different perception of things.

The first is the sense of self loathing that you look like crap, ungroomed, ugly, fat and failing life.
The second, is the good morning sunshine imma take over the world feeling.

Regardless of which side you are on, it's always good to do some self reflection in the morning.

A local coffeeshop or corner grocer that KNOWS you

The awesome feeling of heading downstairs or outside to have your favorite toast and coffee or to grab the newspaper in the morning in your boxers and slippers and still receive a smile from the vendor always makes you feel like the most awesome guy in the world.

It's good to feel belonged and you can always trust the uncle making your toast to give you the right amount of kaya.

"It's always good to find something that can get ur life moving, make you smile just a little bit more. The world is quite depressing if YOU are always depressed. So try some things that can make YOU happy, or inspire you!" 


bendan said...

LOL laughed for the big ass mirror... you got one in your room yet??

Unknown said...

The game room! That's the only shit I need. And with a god damn pool smacked in the middle of that room

Unknown said...

friends who play basketball leh? lol. Wreck-It Ralph review

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