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Sunday, November 25, 2012

5 Things to Have That Will Probably Make Your Life Better. (Male)

Too Often we are caught with the vicious time cycle of our everyday life that we sometimes feel so pressured by it that we can agitated and furious over trivial matters that will ultimately affect our performance and the way we live our lives.

We should always make an effort to see the better side of life, even though it's hard but we can at least really try!

Here are somethings that I personally feel can make you feel slightly better, it's good to feed your ego sometimes. Not too much though!

A fridge stocked with glass bottles of beer, fruit punch and soft drinks

Passion for Fashion 2012 by Johnnie Walker and Kronenbourg 1664


Spotlights were shining around on the roof of Lot 10, Rootz Club plays host to one of the most exclusive and fashionable event of the year with a splendidly coordination of great DJs, stunning fashion and of course the free flow of Johnnie Walker's Gold Label and the tasty Kronenbourg 1664.

It was a great Thursday evening and everyone was looking fresh due to it being a holiday, as the guest comes  and pictures snapped away. The guest were all looking rather stylish, dressed up for a good occasion and what will soon be a good good night! :)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chilling with Asahi Malaysia at Idarts Sunway Giza

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It was a tiring week for some of us, but thank goodness that Asahi was calling some of us out for a gathering, and in true Asahi fashion, the night was a flowing tower of the Asahi Globe :).

It was a small happy hour session as usual, topped with the unique darting experience by Idarts Malaysia at Sunway Giza. It seems that this new trend has been darting into the hearts of the main drinking quarters of PJ and KL. I got no complaints on this fact because a good round of darts and great tasting Asahi was what I needed to cool off the work heat!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Heineken Thirst 2012 - It's Time To Make A Wish [Giveaway Time!]

Let me take the liberty of refreshing you all with the details to the most anticipated end year festival of great sounds!

Event Details

Date:                            Saturday 8 December 2012
Time:                           5.00pm onwards
Venue:                         Sepang International Circuit (SIC)
Web:                   &
Note:                            Heineken Thirst is open to 18 years & above only

But it seems that the tickets are getting sold out pretty quickly, let's look at the updated ticket situation shall we?

Don't worry about this, because at the end of the post I will sharing with you a way to win your self a pair of passes to HeinekenThirsts 2012! So read on!

Heineken’s continuously evolving roll call of creative and collaborative talent doesn’t end with the music. This year our search for new visual representations of the ideals of Heineken Thirst has led us to comb the globe for some of the most innovative interpretations of the progressive values of Malaysia’s leading electronic music festival. At a specially designed festival site, Heineken Thirst will feature some of the latest advances in creative technologies, digital landscaping and interactive collaborative installation pieces.

Towering above the futuristic design universe of Heineken Thirst will be one of the most iconic international pieces of public and festival art of recent years. Already a favourite at festivals across the United States, the 50 foot high Wish makes its Asia debut at Heineken Thirst. Designed by San Francisco public art conceptualists Robert James, Wish consists of ‘three contemporary dandelions that are losing their seeds in the wind’.

Heineken will also be documenting your journey through Heineken Thirst as filtered through the lens of the world’s leading DJ celebrity snapper Rukes. This self-taught LA based photographer tours the electronic music festivals of the world, working with most of the world’s leading DJs and producers to capture to the essence of the action and spirit that these events create.

Add it up and it’s a recipe for a night of supercharged thrill-seeking and discovery on December 8 at Heineken Thirst, Malaysia’s premier electronic music festival.

To be part of Heineken’s exciting calendar of events, stay tuned at their Facebook page ( or Twitter (

It is a promising scene of sights and sounds as you gear yourself up a year end party that you won't forget, EVER!

[Ticket Giveaway] 2 pairs to be given. 2 creatively lucky winners!

2 simple steps:-

Like my page at

Leave a comment in this blogpost telling me : 
"One French DJ and One Malaysian DJ that will be blasting great vibes at Heineken Thirsts, and why YOU should be there as well!" (Be as creative as you can!)

*Remember to include your email address so that I can contact you if you are the winner.*

Note: If you are selected as the winner, we will then need you to verify whether you have "liked" the page above via email so keep checking your mail everyday or watch out for the announcement at the page.

The last day you can comment will be 25th November 11.59pm

Winners will be announceed between 26th November - 30th November.

So Good Luck to you all!

Here is the official Heineken Thirsts 2012 trailer to get you pumped up.

Hope to see you partying your heart out there!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jennifer Lopez- Live in Malaysia and How To Win Tickets!

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Time to Muxic with Jennifer Lopez

Guess who’s coming to heat things up in KL? Jennifer Lopez is! Brought to you by Xpax, this fiery Latina is going to make all her Malaysian fans dance again! Ready to get on the floor with the smokin’ Jennifer Lopez? She’ll be down in KL on:

Date: 2 December 2012

Venue: Stadium Merdeka - KL

Time: 8.00pm

So how many of you are interested in grabbing tickets to watch her live? After all, she IS one of the sexiest pop idols around and I am pretty sure there are many fans of her that is dying to watch her perform on stage once again right in front of them!

Since it’s Time to Muxic with Jennifer Lopez, are you ready to have fun? Be prepared for a night of sensational song and hot grooves with Miss Lopez at her concert with free tickets from Xpax and The Cube. If you’re interested, read on!

The Latino Diva is always sexay and surrounded by sexay man too! :P

The first method you can use to grab tickets!

Whatchuwant? Wanna Live the Life Like J.Lo?

Have Whatchuwant and be treated like the Fashionistas that you are. 

Dial *128# and subscribe to any Whatchuwant packs for a chance to get the ultimate J.Lo experience worth RM10,000. 

Just make sure you subscribe from the 12th until 26th November to be in the running to grab the experience package including:

· 2 Jennifer Lopez concert tickets worth RM1,316 (RM658 each)
· Makeover for you and a friend
· Professional photoshoot with printout for you and a friend
· J.Lo Fashionista Dinner for two
· A 5-star hotel stay
· Chauffeur-driven ride for two
· Jennifer Lopez Perfume Pack, poster &Dance Again CD
· Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0”
· Samsung Galaxy SIII
· Nikon Coolpix Waterproof AW100

Expect some wonderful fireworks too!

Method 2

Be On The Cube, Be at J.Lo’s Concert

You can also score tickets to see Jennifer Lopez in concertwhen you get on The Cube and download her songs as your Call Me Tones from 1st October to 20th November.

Just download and keep any TWO J.LoCall Me Tones then gift TWO mores ongs to your friends and family for a chance at getting a pair of J.Lo’s Live In Malaysia concert tickets worth RM658 each


Download a 3-month Call Me Tones package for a chance at getting an all-expenses- paid trip to watch J.Lo Live in Singapore

All of Jennifer Lopez’s best club hits are available on The Cube and they’re just waiting to be your Call Me Tones. So hit up for more info (plus other ways for you to get the tickets). 

You’ll get to have J.Lo on your mobile and you could also see her perform live. What could be more awesome than that?

This last method is specially catered for all you photo enthusiasts of the selca category!

Feeling & Looking Hot?

If you think you have the confidence and sexy attitude like Jennifer Lopez, show it through MMS.

Snap at least 3 pictures of your most J.Lo-licious poses and send it via MMS to 20000 by 25th November 2012.You could win two tickets worth RM658 each to see J.Lo in Malaysia as well as get an all-expenses- paid trip to Singapore to see her there too! 

So many ways for an unforgettable night with this Diva! 

You don’t have to be “Waiting for Tonight” to get those tickets, go grab the chance to get them now!

Get more info at: 


Good luck!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Epic Bak Kut Teh Hopping, 2 Bak Kut Teh outlets in one dinner session! Ah Ping and Ah Chuan Bak Kut Teh ss14


There was a plan for a certain group of people to have some lovely Bak Kut Teh on one fine evening, so we decided to give this Restoran Ah Ping Bak Kut Teh a try.

We arrived about 8 plus and the place was kinda packed but we managed to grab a table by the road side. We were all hungry as wolves hence wasted no time in ordering the food, the amount of people in that shop got our hopes high for the taste as we waited (not so) patiently for our delicious Bak Kut Teh to be served.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

KFC Malaysia and their really slow serving time


Ah yes, the KFC Double Down set comes with Cheezy Wedges and a drink.

The NORMAL serving time for a meal like this would be a maximum of 5 min? I waited 30 mins for mine, with two persons in front of me, both ordered snack plate seperately.

So I waited 30 mins + 5 mins to actually get my meal, it was lunch period but there wasn't that many customers around.

Free Egg McMuffin from Mcdonald's Malaysia because Great Mornings Start with a Great Breakfast


Do you have that daily routine of consuming breakfast each and everyday? Or are you that little worm that prefers to tuck inside your comfy bed till the hot afternoon shines burns through the curtain just like me?

I think it's safe to say that breakfast is REALLY the most important meal of the day, in an ideal sitaution ( not the die die oso don't want to sleep at night kind) where we sleep about 7-8 hours a day and during that period of time our body has no intake of any nutritions whatsoever so it makes sense that your first meal of the day should always start healthy or heavy because that's when the body is most absorbent towards nutritions. No?

Carlsberg Where's The Party? 2012 brought to you by Carlsberg Malaysia

I should nominate myself as the next Carlsberg WheresTheParty Icon and Mascot

Soooooo~ The big question for the whole month of October leading to Mid- November was "Where's The Party". as fans of Carlsberg and other Beer enthusiasts tried their very best to dig out as much information about the Party of the year, the party was officially revealed on the 10/11/12 <-- b="b">(awesome date btw)
where winners of the Carlsberg Facebook App, lucky party goers from Hong Kong, Laos, Singapore and the lovely members of the media found out that it was at the Hard Rock Beach!

Some of us started our journey from the Carlsberg brewery, arriving there at 8 am in the morning was already a " This calls for a Carlsberg moment" we were treated to some Nasi Lemak and mineral water instead! Haha.

After much preparation, we were finally on our way to the destination! Naive and gullible at that moment with much excitement on our faces, we were then greeted with the massive jam up north but that didn't take the adrenaline from us, YET!

We made a stop after about 3 hours of slow moving traffic at Simpang Pulai toilet rest stop. We got down the bus and it immediately felt like a "This calls for a Carlsberg" moment, but unfortunately a can of Carlsberg did not magically appeared in our hands and so we took a picture to keep ourselves pumped up for the party that is drawing closer.

Back up on the bus and another 3 hours of tortoise-like speed, we finally reached the registration area where we conducted a security check, collected our hotel number, grabbed some sausages, took a piss and licked some ice cream (YES, it has to be in that order) we were 70% through and it was yet another "This calls for a Carlsberg" moment! :)

Hopped back on the bus, fully refreshed and hoping to to reach our hotel in another half an hour time, we were then brought to experience the high hills of Penang Island using the Balik Pulau way, turning and climbing our way to get to the hotel, i felt like we were in Initial D but of course the view would have been nice if I weren't feeling slightly woozy at this time.

It wasn't the best decision to be taken to take us on this trip after a grueling 6 hour journey from KL! Bad call here Carlsberg :(. But i do understand the rationale behind it, it just wasn't that practical

Traveled for another hour and we finally reached the destination, we were gonna stay at the Bay View Resort right next to the Hard Rock Hotel! and guess what? "This definitely calls for a Carlsberg" but still there wasn't any in sight :(.

Found some party EQ in my room, pretty happy to see them and awesome stuff! It was a great view towards the beach as well, if we weren't so rush it would have been a much more wonderful experience but I was getting myself pumped up to party once again, but I wish I could say the same for the rest :P

It was drizzling so we didn't wanna get our cameras wet at that time so we took a shuttle to next door, journey was less then a minute!

The press conference revealed the artist that will be performing,sexy dancers, great singers, powerful bands and awesome DJs were all set to rock the night away!

Though completely drained from the loooooooooong journey, that moment when I finally gulp down some Carlsberg and I am back in action!

It didn't take long for us to get our stomachs filled with the many hawker stall canteen they had and we were ready to do some partying!

Soren arrived in style on Jetskis and did some of his trademark rapping alongside Shawn Lee. The crowd was pretty receptive and happy around that time and that went on for the whole night!

There was also two dart machines from I Darts and ppl were lining up to give it a try. This Leonard Chua was sort of owning the game, for very obvious reasons! haha

The performance started to heat up around 12 and it was a bunch of hoo haa and happy faces all the way till 3 pm. At the moment, i really wished the party didn't stop sigh!

There was a tent that was considered the chill out zone, Jane, Nana, Leonard and the rest were chilling there playing darts for the first part of the performance, getting rested up for the awesome second half that was to come!

Addi3ted and Unkle Jamez spotted and ready to party~

It was party time after that as everyone had their dinner digested and fueled up with the chillin Carlsberg, from that moment on every moment was a Carlsberg moment!

As the night erupted, had some awesome partying with awesome friends and then I circled around the party and found some old and new friends, had some more Carlsberg and enjoyed the continued beats of great Djs and some singing as well. :)

Met some cool Hong Kong people, greeted some Singaporeans as well, the night ended at 3am and we all dispersed into our lovely rooms arranged by Carlsberg for a good rest and that "wish it hadn't end" feeling in our guts :P.

"Despite the long 16 hour journey to and fro Penang, and the energy that it sucked from me I still managed to party and had good fun. Like I say again, company makes a good difference and always find ways to enjoy yourself. It was good effort from Carlsberg to be bringing such initiatives to us and I am certainly looking forward to them at improving certain issues like the travelling delays, makan space and perhaps an extra bar or two to grab beer :). "

One shot before leaving :) 

See you at the next Where's The Party!

More pics at the official fanpage!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Movies: Cold War 2012 (Hong Kong)

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What's it about:-
The entire police department was put on high alert when an Emergency Unit police van was highjacked and five police officers kidnapped along the process. Provoked by a possible terrorist attack, two senior commanders must remain calm and make the right decision to ensure the safety of the cops and the reputation and safety of the public. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Heineken Thirst 2012: Double The Firsts at Heineken Thirst with full line up

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The Iconic green poster never seems to get dull, yes guys! The Premier Electronic Music Festival in Malaysia is once again getting ready to intoxicated your soul!

Date: Saturday 8 December 2012 

Time: 5.00pm onwards 

Venue: Sepang International Circuit (SIC) 

Twitter: @Heineken_MY

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Speed & Beats at Trax On Tracks 2012 passes to be given away! Join Now!


TIme to Rev up your body and get ready to head down to Sepang for a burning mix of Speed and Beats!

"It’s all systems go for Trax on Track 2012 as we rev our way to what will be an unforgettable day of motorsports and music. Presented by Glamorous Entertainment, the event is set to take place on 17 November at the iconic venue of Sepang International Circuit in Kuala Lumpur. Trax on Track 2012 will thrill all present with daring displays of Gymkhana, drifting and amazing car modifications by the region’s best modification hobbyists. "

Hennessy Malaysia Presents: H-Artistry, the pinnacle at MIECC 2012


The day for the last Hennessy Artistry of the year was here!

Excitement surrounded the air for the whole week as people were trying to get themselves a pair of the money cant buy experience that comes with the clubbing phenomena of H-Artistry!

As Saturday approaches, one could only say that it was luck that it rained and the traffic was horrible, but thankfully Hui Min and I managed to reach our hotel by 7pm to rendezvous with YY, Jackie and the heroin of the night Sherlynn.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Carlsberg Malaysia Presents: Where's The Party 3? 2012

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Fresh off the awesome Celebrations of Octoberfest and Halloween, Carlsberg is all set for it's biggest party of the year.

But there is only one problem!

No one knows WHERE IT IS!?!?!

When we step into uncertainty we are often confronted with our very own shadows of fear, so are your ready to show the world that you are that fearless party go-er and embrace the greatest and most mysterious party ever?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jagermeister Presents: Party Goers Enjoying Paranormal Fun At Jagermeister's Halloween Party


In the midst of a wet Friday night of 2nd November 2012, party goers seem to heading to wicked venue that creeps out an eerie vibe, it seems that Carcosa Serin Negara has been manipulated into a portal for all that is ghoulish and ghastly, howls of werewolves and the flappings of bat wings seem to shatter the quiet vicinity.

With the curiosity of 10 cats, I headed to the forbidden zone and found myself surrounded in a different crowd, werewolves, dracula, dead nurses, double faced creeps, dexters, a dead mime, a crazed out waiter, gothic maids and a chuck load of Zombies and all of the undead were crowding in what seems like the best night of their "dead" lives.

Bersih 3.0 and I

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