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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Zow Zow Instant Noodles: Tom Yum Flavor

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Got this from Hero Market at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, they have a huge variety of Instant Noodle brands. :) - Rm4.80 for 5 packs

I am a certified Instant Noodle addict, from the most basic Maggi to the uncommon Adabi or even some of the foreign noodles like SHIN, I vow to try them all from this day forward.

Previous Posts on Instant Noodles:-

Much inspiration from who posted her craving for a brand of tom yum instant noodle which she can't remember that led me to missing the instant noodles that I don't have much time to cook anymore. 

I will from now on review the many Instant Noodle that I can find.

Current record for most Instant Noodle consumed at one go is 5 packs of Mee Sedap (solo) and 12 packs of Maggi Assorted Assam,Curry,Ayam (Joint effort of 3 men).

The packet was actually quite small and comes with two seperate seasoning packs, a powder for the soup base and the tom yum oil on a seperate pack.

We will just go with the basic noodles and egg combination so the ingredients should be:-

  • 1x bowl of water (adjust according to your taste preference, less water for more flavor)
  • 1x Egg
  • 1x Zow Zow Instant Noodle Tom Yum Flavor

I don think i need to freaking teach you how to cook the most common Instant noodle right? 

Buuuuuut just in case it's really your first time!
  1. Pour water in hot pot
  2. Later water boil
  3. Put finger in boiling water to test temperature, if it hurts then it's good to go
  4. Put noodle in and add on seasoning packs as soon as possible (we want the noodle to absorb as much flavor as possible)
  5. Crack egg and bombs away!! ( Pls exclude egg shell)
  6. Pour Noodle in bowl or hand, whichever you like best.

So how did it turn out?
The noodles were still springy even though i left it boiling a little longer than usual just to see if it turns out well. 

The soup was mild spicy so many should be able to take it, it was not as sour as I hoped and it was clearly lacking that Thai Tom Yum flavor to it and at the end it was a sour and salty soup base for noodles. Let the Egg yolk be mixed with the soup and you get a rather good flavor. 

Clearly not the best of the lot but you can always chip in a few prawns and let the seafood sweetness take over the lacking Tom Yum taste. 

Where can I get this?
Hero Market, Cold Storage and Village Grocer are your best bet as getting this brand but I believe some of the newer Tescos and Carrefour have them in stock as well. 


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